Toro 30" Timemaster

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TXLWN, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    there are already a few threads on here from the past month on this topic.

  2. hi_speedreed

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    there are lots of posts here recently that are duplicates a threads that are days not months old. Many times the question is on page 1 of threads. churches, boots and the timemaster are 3 in the past couple days with multiple threads started.
  3. ToddH

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    The same could be said about most every thread on a site this size and this active.
  4. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    A few "write-off" questions and bid questions are expected.

    BUT there have been AT LEAST 5 threads started about whether or not to buy a Timemaster. And whether it's worth it to buy the Commercial model.

    It's the same as every other piece of machinery. Do you want it to last? Well then buy the Commercial unit. If you want to constantly fix parts and replace the mower in a few years then buy the cheap model.

  5. scottslawncareav

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    ive been looking for the commercial grade time master on the internet and i cant find it can someone post a link
  6. ToddH

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    I asked about two months ago and the release date is likely march.
  7. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    It's going to be an Exmark for the commercial version, but go to your local dealer for details and prices.

  8. weaver

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    Is the deck different on the Toro comm vs the res? I know the Ex has baffles making it have seperate chambers but the toro res deck is just all open. What other differences would there be between the two Toros? Fuel tank/ engine and what else?
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  9. mikeclfc

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    I bought the 30" timemaster in September last year, i was weary of putting out $1000 for an unproven non commercial mower, before i bought it i was running 3 honda non commercial gvc190s. I was looking for a mower to improve my cutting times and my hondas were starting to have some issues after 2 years of heavy usage.

    Overall i'm pleased with the timemaster, the honda's usually cost me around 600 a piece and the extra 400 i spent on the timemaster pays for itself in time saved in mowing.

    The upsides to it are, less mowing time, mulches and bags very very well. Having 2 seperate spindles helps!its fast, you can run behind this thing when mowing.

    The downsides to it are, its a lot heavier to handle than your average push mower, especially when wet or when the drive starts slowing down after hard useage. It bogs down in grass higher than say 6-8inches, it drinks fuel, for one tank expect to get 1-2 average size yards, i get 3-4 out of my hondas. the finished cut quality isnt as good as my honda's cut. that's not to say i dont think it cuts well, its just not as good as finish as the qudrablade system that honda uses. Also changing belts on this mower is a pain in the ass! there's 3 different belts running. Toro where only offering a 90day warranty when i bought mine as it was new on the market. This worried me, i bought it anyway as i have a good relationship with the dealer and i buy all my equipment there so they pretty much told me if anything goes wrong they would take care of me anyway.

    Even after the downsides listed i would still buy another one!

    In my opinion i would always buy non commercial over commercial for residential mowing. usually the differences are in heavier duty transmissions and that kind of thing, i don't think the cut quality is any better. i took the view instead of spending 12-1500 on a commerical unit, i could have 2/3 non commercial units, Ive had my hondas for 2 years now and ive had one belt and one transmission replaced. cost me around $250 for parts. Ive made a 100 times what i spent on them already and i expect them to last another 2 years with some repairs, all my customers comment on how nice their lawn looks, and ive still spent less than $2000 for 3 really good reliable mowers.

    However, in my opinion, this theory does not apply for Zero turns!

    THORNTON SERVICES LLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    The timemasters biggest advantage is the time savings , but it does not have reverse so inclines when wet are a issue as the mower is kinda heavy. As other people say the self propelled system slows down over time , i figure this is some kind of plastic gear were they should be metal , the cut is good on weekly cut lawns , i do not recomend this mower for high grass just does not seem to have the power over all the time savings is fantastic and as soon as the commercial unit arives at the dealer i will be looking to upgrade to it from the residential version , i mean if the commercial is 1800 and the residentials 1200???? Go commercial my main reason for this i think you will have transmission problems with the residential like i said my mowers self propelled has slowed a good bit , hopefully the commercial unit has the blade disengage and the key start both are great features that not i don't know how i mowed without.

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