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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by dochuff, Oct 5, 2012.

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    I'm looking for a mechanic well acquainted with a 1994 Toro GM3100 with groomers.

    I already have a local reel grinder. My unit needs more than the reels ground.

    I know my unit is old, I'm not expecting a new unit.

    I need someone who can go over my unit and adjust/repair/replace any worn/damaged parts to give me the best cut possible for my budget.

    Recently, I developed a minor hydraulic leak. I see a 2 to 3 inch spot on the garage floor.

    In addition, I also have a John Deere Aercore 800 which surges only while aerating. Kohler Command CH18S runs only with choke on even when warm.

    Met R Matic F15B top dresser has the chain slipping? when loaded and going up moderate grades.

    FWIW I'm just a homeowner with a 10,000 sq ft croquet lawn in Carrollton GA. My lawn is flat as a pool table. Level within 1/4 inch. Turf is Tif Eagle cut at .125 inch 4 to 6 times a week. (by yours truly, I can't afford a crew)

    J. Huff
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    Those are golf machine's, so you need to concentrate on golf course mechanic's or asst. g.c. mechanic's. And there are a lot of golf course's in the ATL area. And you can expect part's for that 3100 to be a lot, toro know's they have you over a barrel on those thing's and they aren't scared to charge you.
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