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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by twippingbillie, Jul 7, 2003.

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    I recently bought a used Toro 32" Proline gear drive. It has a floating deck. The only problem that I have been having is that on uneven terrain the mower tends to scalp the ground. On even ground I can have a 2.5" cut with little scalping but if the ground is uneven in places the mower scalps the ground. I cut most of my lawns at 3" and rarely see the problem under normal even ground. But I have a few customers that request a 2.5" cut in order to go longer before calling me. On these accounts I am forced to use my 21" mower. The only way I can think to solve the problem is to weld on some anti-scalp rails onto the deck to allow the deck to ride on these rails if the ground is uneven. If anyone has a solution or has had a similar problem I would appreciate some help.
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    :) level that deck, really you shouldn't have to put anti scalp rollers on such a small deck, its sounds like its not level, if you hit a rabbit hole theres no evoiding the big scalp, Does it mow on level ground without any scalps? What are you cutting at 2" Zoysia, right now its so hot here im cutting around 4" on most all my lawns, but there very large and it looks awesome, Hope the leveling helps good luck....Marks Mowing Service
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    On level surfaces there is not a problem.

    I cut one customers zoysia at 2.5".
    The rest of my customers are at 3" or higher now in the summer heat.

    I am surprised to hear that some people want a 4" cut. Most of my customers seem to think the lower the cut the less they have to call me.

    I guess the easiest solution would be to not cut lawns at 2.5". Thanks for the guidance.
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    I also own a 32" Toro Proline. The deck is level i bet. This mower is really prone to scalping, especially at low cutting heights. Raising the blade helps a lot and also getting better with the mower helps eliminate some of it. Sometimes it can't be avoided.
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    I have a 36" toro that does the same. I cut 1 yard at 2.5" (Bermuda) and 1 at 3" (Zoysa) All of my other lawns I cut 4" Fescues. The 2 short heights that I cut do scalp in places. I have not fiqured anything out myself other than to change direction or raise the deck. The zoysa yard I cut looks bad every time I cut it.
    If you are able to come up with any solutions please share them as I would like to know myself. If I do not come up with a solution quick I will probably drop those two yards because I do not like having my reputation hung out to dry with 2 yards I physically can not make look right.

  6. I used to have one of those 32” Toro Floating (actually hanging) Deck WB. It’s a well made mower, but the problem is that single big blade. Without going into all the reasons, I’ve come to the conclusion that “floating” decks just scalp more than fixed decks.

    You could try rigging some rollers to that deck. But I’d bet dollars to donuts you’d be wasting your time. The larger WB’s with rollers still scalp horribly. Make no mistake, a Fixed Deck mower will still scalp, but it’s completely predictable and therefore much easier to avoid.

    I couldn’t tolerate the lack of performance, and decided to get rid of my 32” Toro Floating Deck WB. I was going to replace it with a Fixed Deck 32” because it would be less likely to scalp, and it has two blades. But then I test-drove a 36” Wright Stander and decided to give up any account that I couldn’t put that 36” mower in back yard. It ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve EVER made.

    Never the less, you should see if a local dealer will let you demo a 32” Fixed Deck with two blades. I know it’s a cheaper mower, but it’s just a better machine. It seems a shame that you would have to lose money on a trade, but you have to look at what the loss in production and cut quality is costing you day in and out. It’s just upside-down to have a 32” mower sitting in the trailer while you’re mowing with a 21”. To say nothing of the customers that “tell” you your work looks great, but when you’re gone, ask their neighbors who’s mowing their lawn.
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    I just recently purchased a 2002 Toro 32" Proline. I have no problems with scalping at 3 inches and a few a 2.5". This unit also has an anti-scalping cup on the 32" blade. The blade sits on the cup and theoretically, uneven ground should hit the cup first and then cause the whole deck to lift up, thus eliminating scalping. Perhaps you could look into getting something like that.

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    I welded 4 Gage wheels on the back of a Toro floater & this unit will now cut almost anything without scalping.


    from AL
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    Wrong pic.

    Gage wheels.

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    Ultimate whatever,

    Ever heard of engine degreaser?

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