Toro 322D bogs down after warmed up

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by hacksaw, Nov 17, 2007.

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    I just drove 400 miles to buy this mower and which was supposed to run perfect. When I got there it ran perferct..... for about a 1 minute :realmad:. After it warmed up, anytime you tried to work any of the hydraulics(pto, raising the deck or just moving it forward /reverse) the motor would bog down. We changed the air filter, fuel filters, bled the fuel system, put fresh diesel in it and it still did the same thing. as soon as you take the load off of it, it idles, reves, etc just like it should. Is this a sign of the hydro unit going out??
    Motor runs excelent
    When started cold, pto and all hydraulics work well for about a minute
    Once warmed up, any hydraulic load will bog the motor down.
    Also, hydraulic fluid was clean and filled to correct level

    FWIW, I did not buy the mower.
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    If the mower has been moved or lifted with a forklift chack to see if the fuel hose is pinched off by the clamp on the bottom of the frame. While your under it make sure the hydro filter etc. wasn't damaged as well.

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