Toro 325 d- Hydraulic deck will not lift.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by sprandy83, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. sprandy83

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    I have a used Toro 325 d ( 2257 hrs.)that I just bought. I used it in several yards for the first time and the deck lifted fine. Went to load it in last yard and deck only raised about an inch. Checked hydraulic fluid and it was full. Hose near pump moves a little when I try to lift deck but it will not come up. Have not changed hydraulic filter yet. Did not see any apparent leaks in hoses. Please provide any help if you have some experience with this type mower. Thanks
  2. crawford_darrel

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    You will most likely need to check the implement releaf presure. One of the most common way to tell if the hydro is good is to check to see if the deck will raise at ideal, it should. You will probably need a shim kit and a pressure gauge. One thing to remember is to not over pressure if too much shim or you will blow out the o rings between the two pumps. Now that I think of it, has this problem just started all of a sudden or has been that way since you have been running it? If it just started you better check the o rings in the middle of your Sunstrand pump.
  3. themowerman

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    Check the charge pump pin.
  4. crawford_darrel

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    So sprandy83 how did you turn out with your hydro problem? Good I hope! dlc

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