toro 325d wont start

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by cook, Oct 18, 2001.

  1. captdevo

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    air filter restricted?

    are you getting good air flow?

    If so, pull the glow plugs and squirt a shot of 30w in each cylinder, if it fires off, you've got bad compression.

    If so, pop off the head and see if it's a gasket problem, or scored cylinders.

    From what you say, it probably has a broken ring or scored cylinders from running lean due to lack of air or fuel.

    The next step will be to determine which......

  2. sdwally

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    DO NOT USE STARTING FLUID IN THIS ENGINE! It has glow plugs! Starting fluid and glow plugs make for possible explosions! Have you checked the glow plug circut? You can test for power at any wire connection on the glow plug for power. If you have power, then you have to pull each glow plug and test separately. Just connect to a 12v power source and the tips should turn cherry red(hot) within a minute. If not you have a bad glow plugs.
    What was the compression readings of each cylinder? You might also check valve lash before checking compression. Compression should be well over 200 psi.
  3. justractors

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    The engine you have is a Mitsubishi.
    These engines need to have a valve adjustment done every 200 to 250 hours. If not you will burn the valves which is exactly what this appears to be.
    Without firm numbers as far as compression is concerned there is not much that can be done by mail.
    The compression in this engine runs about 285 to 340 pounds per square inch and not the 100 to 150 that most gasoline engines require to run..
    Please go to the website and you will find a great deal of information about this engine, the tractor unit, deck, and all Toro products.
    If you have the five digit model and the serial number you will be able to get a complete parts breakdown on their site.
    Toro is the only company that I know of that offers this service.
    You should definitely follow the advice of the poster who said not to use starting fluid in this engine or in almost all diesels. You may get by with it 100 times and then cause damage to your engine and injury to yourself and others on the 101st try.
    Good luck,
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  4. khouse

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    The main reason I asked if it poped any with starting fluid is because I wanted to see if you had a fuel delivery problem. You had said it was dead anyway and this is a fast way to check. Like others have stated above - it's not good practice to shoot fluid in your engine. Only in extream cases and by all means don't let the glow plugs have time to heat up before you start cranking.
  6. jrsavoie

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    Do not use starting fluid. It's a good way to ruin an engine.

    Some people get away with it forever and tell everybody it's ok to do. It only takes one ill timed squirt to kill an engine

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