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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by shuman, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. shuman

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    Hi need a new mower,been looking on internett and found toro 3280 d 4wd intersting!

    have a offer on a new 3280 with 72" rec. and 4wd,its on the limmet on wath i can spend:dizzy:

    any one her who have experience with it?

    the dealer also had a toro groundmaster 3000 with 4wd same 72",670 houers 2004 mod for half price of a new 3280.?(i am waiting for pics)

    thankfull for all tips and info,have no experiens with toro,but i have to mutch land for my viking mf 880 and need a bigger mower

    the zero machine 7200 is also intresting but i have been very pleased with having the deck in front on the last to mowers her so i prefer that.
    but thankfull for points that i maybe dont see:walking:
  2. shuman

    shuman LawnSite Member
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    how can I delete this? have ordered a new 3280 with 72 bio and airseat with heater!

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