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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Darryll, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Looking for your advice on which Toro deck you think would provide the better cut and is more practical. I will be mowing 1 acre in the front with some hill and trees to mow around. There is also flat area to mow too. I am looking at the Toro 36 inch T-Bar control fixed deck model number 30674 for $3549 and the 36 inch T-Bar Control floating deck model number 30074 for about $4,600. I am also looking at the 48 inch fixed deck for $3,799. Toro is offering $300 off these mowers until April 30, 2013. I am also looking at the 48 inch floating deck that the dealer wants to get rid of for $4,100. The 48 inch floating deck seems very large and heavy for me but is ideal if I want to cut my 1 acre in the back yard which is a wide open field. I currently have a 44 inch ZTR which I use in the front and back yard. I will be replacing the ZTR in about 2 years. So, which deck, 36 inch or 48 inch should I purchase for the best grass cut to primarily cut the front with some hills and occasionally use to cut my back yard. I have not gates to walk thru with a mower. Some say 2 blades will give you a better cut than 3 blades and the 36 inch is better to maneuver around trees. I need to make decision by April 30, 2013. Any advice, comments, or thoughts will be greatly appreciated by you guys to help make my decision. Thanks
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    My take on all I've read around LS over the last 5+ yrs is that a 48" and above is best served by a floating deck...while any ~36" deck is fine as a fixed deck. Hope this helps.

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