Toro 36" walkbehind pulley walking out.


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Hello, I have a toro 36" walk behind mower model 39074. The pulleys that come out of the gear box that engaged the wheels keep sliding out on the guys out in the field. The pulley gets stopped by the guard from coming all the way out so the guys don't know until the outside of the pulley gets to far worn and the belts get shredded. I've already replaced the pulleys and belts along with the retaining rings once this year and don't want to replace them again if the retaining rings arnt going to hold. What do I need to do to fix the problem?



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I had a 1987 Toro that did the same thing.You can remove the shaft and take a hack saw to make a deeper grove for a retaining ring.For me that worked for about a year then it wore out on the job from mowing hills.I crushed a soda can flat and put it between the guard plate and spindle and taped the top so it dose not spin out.Worked for years ,even when i sold it.Good luck!

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