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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnspecialties, Dec 10, 2009.

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    I presently use a 148 Gravely ztr or a 21" Honda for my high-end residentials. 5000 sq.ft. yards on $600,000-$1,200,000 homes. Obviously, quality of cut is a priority.

    But with all the rainfall this season, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep the 148 from tearing up the turf and mowing them all with the Honda just takes too long.

    I like the concept of the 40" Toro walk-behinds. Three blades on a small deck. To me, that's got to be a nice cut.

    Any opinions from those with experience on this model? Thanks :)
  2. mowerbrad

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    Are you considering a hydro wb or belt drive wb?

    Either way, you would be looking at the turbo force deck on the mower. The turbo force decks are very good decks and do leave a good cut. Since cut quality is important, the turbo force is one of the better decks out there. It does disperse the clippings pretty well and leaves a very "crisp" cut. I can't say for the 40" exactly only a 60".
  3. lawnspecialties

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    Yes, I'm looking at the hydro. I'm primarily a one man operation so I don't mind spending the extra money to make life a little easier. But at the same time, I don't want to buy something that doesn't live up to my expectations.

    Several years ago, my dealer gave me a demo Toro to use while my SuperZ was in the shop. I remember it being one of the best cutting decks, even in wet turf.
  4. mowerbrad

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    The only thing I didn't like about the turbo force was it didn't stripe very well up here. But I have seen pictures of the stripes it can make south of michigan. I'm more of a 7-iron deck fan, but the turbo force was right up there.
  5. brucec32

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    I have a 40" toro wb but only have a few hours on it. It's been used almost 100% in wet conditions (for the same reason you want one, when ztrs are too much) and it seems to contour very well to terrain. It cuts nicely enough but in my limited experience it seems to pack clippings in the deck quickly (though to be fair it's been cutting annual rye, which is very succulent and clumps on other decks I use as well) and disappointingly does not really have a ton of vaccum power even with high lifts. I like a mower that will suck up debris and leaves and this one doesn't do that great at that. I have a bagger and mulch kit and have tried it in all modes. Decent, not as good as the 48" exmark deck I prefer using. It has about the same amount of vac force as my 44" Gravely ztr, if that gives you an idea. Very well made machine. I have the belt drive but got it barely used cheap. Happy with it for the price, but for $5000 for a new hydro I'd want more. My top pick in a wb would probably be a 48" Exmark Turf Tracer HP with the 19hp option. But not cheap, of course.
  6. rlong97150

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    You might check with your dealer because I was not happy with the vaccum and grass dispersal on my 44 inch Toro hydro. I brought in my blades to confirm I had high lift (which they were). For some models, Toro has a Super High lift blade and it made all the difference in the world. Bags better, no more clumping, and a lot less grass under the deck. We had a terribly wet year this year and I was very happy with the cut. I just picked up a gently used 52 inch Toro with the T2 controls and cant wait till spring to put it to work. I cant say enough good things about the Toro walkbehinds


  7. brucec32

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    I will check on toro's website, I doubt my local dealers have a clue on that, unfortunately, as I often have to educate them on what's available. And that 40" size is so uncommon that apparently aftermarkets aren't around for it yet. I'm sure the super high lift would help with some things but I'm surprised it wouldn't just increase grass collecting on the top of the deck. I guess I still don't understand the physics of how decks and blades work. The 40" deck is highly baffled, and I have had several 44" and they were much more open, so my suspicion is that the tiny cutting chambers are leading to the grass packing the deck.

    I will get out this winter and test various blade and baffle combinations on some pastures here. On this deck one has to remove baffles to put the mulching kit baffles on. I may even try it w/o any baffles, so it's more like the SFS decks like the 44".
  8. integrityman

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    I have this mower in the 40" and Im very satisfied with it. Disperses grass well, and I have had no problems with vacuum. Overall very satisfied. I may add an operator controlled discharge chute as it does blast grass a good distance.
  9. a clear difference lawn

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    Why not a 40" Grandstand? Same deck- turboforce with 3 blades - but much faster. It is also shorter in length than the walkbehind. i hear they will be available March 1. Just a suggestion - good luck.
  10. Columbia Care

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    My primary mower is a 44 inch Toro WB with a T-Handle. Once I got use to it, I really like it. It works great on my smaller yards, easy to get around obsticals and through gates. When I have a larger yard, I attach my sulky and run it in a higher gear. Mine is a belt drive, but does a very nice job until the drive belts get wet. I do not have any issues with tearing up my customers lawns. I also have several steep hills I cut and it holds nicely on these hills. Hope this helps.

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