Toro 42" Timecutter Won't Start

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mr.phil, May 1, 2010.

  1. mr.phil

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    Hello to everyone that's reading this! I've had my zero turn for about a week now and the previous owner that I purchased the zero turn from gave me some advise on basic operations of this machine. He told me to never turn the machine off when its at idle, to always turn it off at full throttle. well my helper was unloading the machine yesterday and hen said he thought he heard me calling his name and he had the toro in idle and turned it off. Well it won't start back up! I've taking all the basic steps of changing the spark plug, changing the oil, and installing a new air filter and cleaning element but still no start. There is fresh gas in the tank and I don't know what seems to be the problem! I can follow instructions real good so any advise would be helpful! i have several customers lined up for this up coming week so what every it is i need to do It has to get done today or tomorrow! Please help me out guys!
  2. C & T Landscaping

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    Is the battery charged? Check the starter...maybe it's just a loose wire.

    MS_SURVEYOR LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I can't see where turned it off at idle would cause it not to start back up. Might cause it to back fire. I bet one of the safety switches like the pot, or sticks or not in the right place. What about the safety break. Is it on? What about choking it? Or Not! Do you have spark to the plugs? Is the started turning it over?

    Beats Me?
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    I own a Timecutter Z for my personal yard. I can tell you that starting them can be kinda funny sometimes. The starter solenoid is very weak on them. I have the 42" with the Kohler Courage 19. It won't start when it is cold at all, won't hardly even try. Make sure that the pins in the back of the machine are set to drive mode, and not push mode. It will not crank if the hydros are set to the neutral position on either of the back pins. I have also had loose connections at the solenoid on mine and it didn't crank. The cable from the battery to the starter is also very small on this machine so the battery must be fully charged to get the sucker cranked. The solenoid is weak from the factory, and I've heard of several going bad. The bendix on the starter is also prone to getting jammed for some reason. Hope some of this helps.

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  6. bobhardt

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    Ive never understood shutting something off at full throttle. If it has a throttle on it I shut it off at idle. Ive never had any backfiring problems.

    MS_SURVEYOR LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I've got to say, I never did on a briggs. But my 30 hp Kohler demands it! :rolleyes:
  8. rwar

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    Is it turning over when you turn the key or nothing at all
  9. mr.phil

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    Thanks for all the replies!! I just got back in from trying to fix it and I'm just getting a chance to read your replies! O.k. it was sounding like it wanted to turn over but it didn't. Now i don't know if I run the battery down or not but when I left my place it had started to not do anything at all! So i charged the battery for like 30 minutes and put it back on and it started to do the same thing as before... sounding like it wanted to start but nothing and then it started to not do anything again! I sounds like i might be the battery and I pray and hope that's all it is but worst case scenario if it is the starter, how hard are they to install? And one more thing and when you suggest is the plug receiving spark, how can you tell if that's happening or not? Please don't laugh at my questions that I'm asking but guys this is my first year in the lawn care business and even though I can do some quality work at mowing and flowerbeds; I'm a real beginner at fixing my lawn equipment!
  10. mr.phil

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    Oh and just to let everyone know what kind of Toro it is. It's a Toro 16-42Z TimeCutter Z Riding Mower. Model No. 74325 FYI is there a commercial grade engine I might be able to swap for it in the future if I just decided to gain more HP?

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