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  1. DAZ982500

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    I am looking into purchasing a Toro 44" 15 kawi T bar floating deck with catcher.My questions are one, they want 2300 for all, history one owner used only for personal use, rather than commercially.Salesman states that it is only 1 season old and he has the owners name.Price looks ok...yes/no?Second, I have never used the T Bar system how does this work?A quick look, appears the bar moves forward you move forward, another bar engages reverse.How about turning?Give any PROS/CONS in regard to this mower,deal, problems with this mower.Is this a good sytem, looks easier on wrists, I have pistal grip alittle concerned about switching but..Thanks Dave.Oh, it is gear driven not Hydro.
  2. LawnBrother

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    Sounds like a fair price to me, especially with the kawi. I have the same mower except with a kohler. Very well built, nice cut, very reliable. The t-bar system is great, and you will thank yourself for switching from pistols when you find yourself without carpal tunnel syndrome in a few years! I can run mine all day with no hand fatigue at all. BTW, if it is gear driven, reverse is engaged by a lower lever, not the t-bar. Pulling back on the bar stops the mower. The second little bar you see there is for the BBC. Anyway, if I were looking for another WB, I would buy a floating deck toro with a t-bar, and if I were offered one in great condition with a kawi for 2300, I would probably buy it, after I tried to talk them down a few hundred bucks :) . Offer them 1800 maybe you can get it for 2000.
  3. DAZ982500

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    Thanks for response, I actually have talked him down from 2500 to 2300 at this time. I don't know if I can get him to go lower than this.I am thinking about asking him for the previous owners name so I can contact him to investigate history, otherwise I think I will be buying this mower this week.
  4. CuttingCrew

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    My brother-in-law has one of those that is belt driven. Cleanest cut I have ever seen. Like the controls too, easy to learn and use.

  5. brucec32

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    I think the Toro T bar is the best gear driven steering system out there. Gravely has come up with a similar version lately but I don't hear much about them. The 44" is a very versatile deck size, gets into a few more gates than a 48" yet much more productive in wide areas than a 36". I have used 44" toros for 13 years, though in a secondary role the past 7 or so. They've all been pretty reliable.

    Newer models convert to mulching. There are two different 44" deck styles with Toro. "classic" with the horizontal deck adjust pins, it has more trim side overhang. Better trimming, but can scalp sometimes. Up North on higher mown grass it's fine. They have also added an anti-scalp wheel on that end that my units haven't had, which probably solves the scalping problem. The vertical pin "exmark" style deck was problematic till about 2003, when they modified the balance and casters so it had better traction and no caster shimmy on flat surfaces. I had a hydro with that deck and it was annoying sometimes. Look for curved forks heading from the deck frame to the front caster wheels as a sign of the new updated design. They are worth more than the straight ones. A w/b needs to perform well in low traction situations, otherwise a ZTR would do.

    I would probably buy another one myself except I am trying to get to where I ride on all lawns to save energy. On medium lots the lack of hydro isn't too bad, but on small turn/turn/turn ones it will tire you out faster. The T bar is a low effort steering system though, it just can't reverse.
  6. topsites

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    Toro's T-bar is patented which is the main reason why every OTHER wb has the pistol-grips: It is against the LAW to put a T-bar on a wb if your name is not Toro.
    Nothing compares to the t-bar, absolutely nothing - I will NEVER buy a pistol-grip mower, even if it means spending extra for a Toro, that T-bar is like power-steering for your Wb, my wrists are never sore from mowing, not even after I've cut 10 yards/day for 12 weeks straight.

    For 2,300 with the Kawi for a 1-year old that's never been used commercially?
    I'd spend that much for a 48" fixed deck in that condition, and yours is sfs which means they cost 1000 more brand-new (cauz the float). Plus you get the Kawasaki, all I got is the Kohler and if the Kohler is bad-azz (it is), then the Kawi's got to really kick.

    Yes, I would say if the machine looks good, the price is right. Only thing I might recommend is get a velke / proslide but you can likely use the one from your current wb, if you has it.

    Oh, one more thing: Once you try that T-bar, you'll never go back :)
  7. wrestlingcoach

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    I bought a brand new 17 hp kaw , 44" toro belt, floating deck driven last year for $3960 & a few pennies

    great machine, fits almost all gates and leaves a clean cut

    the price is good at 2300 w/ a catcher

    but a catcher means more work- discharge is so much better
  8. South Florida Lawns

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    I have a 44'' z master and 19hp kawi. I wish i had more power like around 23hp. They get bogged down in tall st. augustine and i also mulch. but if you are cutting easier grass and keep it short then you might be able to get away with 15hp.

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