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toro 44 price?

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Would you guys pay $1500 for a 44 Toro walk behind, 14h Kohler, belt drive, with the floating recycler deck. It was used by tru-green for 3-4 years. Starts on the 1st or 2nd pull. cuts good and everything seems okay. Does it sound okay to you guys?
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Sounds a little high to me. I bought a 3 year ols 44 last year for $900 and that seems to be about the average around here anyway. Also depends on how well maintained it was. It it looks like it's been taken care of then maybe $1200 or $1300 or so, but if it's all banged up then much less. IMHO
I'm in Birmingham, what about you?
Around here TG beats the hell out of all their stuff. I wouldnt want something they have used every day for years. The machine is about 3k new with a 17 kawi recoil start.
Not to argue with the age they told you but 1997 was the last year Toro put a 14 hp Kohler on a floating deck.
that's a pretty old mower and it's been used by CREWS, not the owner of a company. It's also a deck design I haven't heard anything about. I know the old 37" recycler couldn't cut tall grass and didn't mulch partiularly well either. But with a replacement engine, spindles, and transmission about $1000, I suppose you couldn't get burned too badeven if it's a dog.
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