Toro 44" W/B w/ sulky

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ChadA, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. ChadA

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    I am looking for some new equipment and saw an ad in the paper today for a 44" Toro W/B with 100 hours on it. It also has a sulky. They want $4000 OBO. Is this a good price? Any input will help.
  2. Lbilawncare

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    That is a bit high in my opinion, especially if it is belt driven. Mowers lose value off the lot just like cars, and it doesn't matter if they "throw in" a free sulky. I bought a new hydro last year for $3850, it got stolen in April.
  3. NC Scaper

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    Great mower, bad price
  4. Runner

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    I agree...that's high. Find out what a mower like this goes for new. If it is used commercially, you can usually deduct about 5 dollars per hour used on it for a mower of this type.
  5. brucec32

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    How are things in Jacksonville? My wife may be moving there soon and I will be spending winters and weekends there.

    I have used Toro 44's for 12 years, on and off. Nice machines, but not perfect.

    Your $4000 used mower is almost certainly overpriced somewhat. I assume from that price it is a hydro driven mower. If not, it's WAY overpriced.

    1. Engine: Assuming it is the hydro, I would also assume it is the 15hp kohler engine on it. Is that the case? I owned that exact combination of deck and engine and found it underpowered in heavy stuff. It will cut St. Aug. ok, but when it's really tall or you're mulching, you will wish for more power.

    2. Deck design: The kind with vertical height adjust pins had balance and traction problems in past years, only rectified in '03. If you have a leftover '02 model it will have these problems. I would pass on it. One quick way to tell it's an '03 is that the front supports running to the caster wheels are curved at the end, the older ones were straight. But you can check the serial number at Toro's website and see what year model it is for sure. There is a chance it could be the "classic" style deck with horizontal height adjust pins. If that is the case it is better balanced but might have a tendency to scalp more on the trim side. Make sure it has an antiscalp wheel on the trim side of the deck or you will have situations where it will cut the turf badly if you drop a wheel or turn into a hill at the wrong time.

    3. Steering: A lot of people do not like the T bar steering on recent Toro hydros. I had one and didn't like it that much myself, though with time I got somewhat used to it. Very jumpy to me. The T bar is great on belts. I was warned to buy a pistol grip version if I wanted a toro hydro by their factory rep at a trade show! I would choose another brand before I would do that, however.

    4. Alternatives: I would look hard at brands such as Gravely and Hustler if I wanted an easier-to-steer walk behind. This time of year you will start to find real bargains on new mowers dealers are dumping to get out of inventory. Shop hard and compare.

    I would also be sure I had to have a walk behind before going that route. A small ztr or stander type mower can be more productive, and hydro walk behinds get close to ztr prices sometimes. In Florida, you may not have enough hills to justify using a wb full-time. Perhaps a nice small or used ZTR and an old belt drive wb(for rare spots your ztr/stander won't do) combo would do the job best.
  6. lawnperfections

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    Where in Jax are you. I'm off Kernan in East Arlington
  7. ChadA

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    Im off of 103rd by old middleburg rd. near Orange Park. How Long have you been working in Jax.


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