Toro 500 series and John deere 757 owners

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 6'7 330, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. 6'7 330

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    I have always run and loved Exmark mowers. Unfortunately, my dealer who goes to the extreme to take care of us, no longer deals in the Exmark brand. He has two spectacular deals on demos, a Toro 555, and 587 liquid cooled, both have 60-inch decks respectively.The dealer in-addition has a good deal on the john Deere 757 60-inch deck,25 horse air cooled horizontal shaft Kawasaki. We demoed both Toro and the Deere, and in our cool season turf conditions, both mowers cut quality was exceptional. My first impression was the Deere cut quality was clearly better then the Toro, until we checked and adjusted the deck pitch, the dealer setup the Toro with negative deck pitch!

    My inquiry is to owners running the Toro 500 series or the Deere 757.How are your machines holding up mechanically. Any nagging annoyance problems? How does the stamped deck of the Deere hold up?
  2. MMLawn

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    Bill, I have already bought several 2005 757's this year.....that should tell you something. As to the 7 Iron deck, if the other big players were smart they try their best to find away around the Trademark and copy it!
  3. Killswitch

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    Picking up a 757 this Saturday so theres my vote.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    So, I'm not the only one here that is in an area where eXmark is loosing ground huh?
    Locally, eXmark has now disappeared completely.

    The other ironic part that goes along with this thread is that John Deere has had 2 dealers and Toro has had one dealer here locally for many years. But now both have a new dealer in this area.

    Personally, I have demoed both the new Toro's and the John Deere 757. Personally I preferred the Toro far and away better because it cuts far and away better in my area. Otherwise I liked both machines and the "nod" went back and forth between the two. There is a lot to like about both of them.

    Just to be straight up about it, I have demoed the 7-Iron deck 3 times since it came out. I tried it once on the old style M665 and then again when I read all the chirping here about the 757, which I found to be a much nicer machine. I was again disappointed in the cut. But for the machine and the money ($7K) I really wanted it to work out. So I accepted a 'second-chance' demo of that machine with different blades. Again I was disappointed in the cut. I would have even went for a 'third chance' demo if they would have installed a mulch kit... But the John Deere 757 just didn't work out for me...

    The local trend here shows I'm not the only one either. Cheap sells here, but I see a very disportionate number of new Toro's out there over John Deere 757's despite the fact they cost a lot more. This is apparent at the dealer level also. Out of the three JD dealers here, one dealer still has an old M665 and all but two of the 700 series mowers he ordered back when they first came out. The second JD dealer doesn't even stock them for their commercial line. The third dealer is the new one that just opened this spring and I don't think they have sold more than one.

    But in all seriousness, I would suggest you be a royal pain and demo both once more maybe. Take them both to your best and also your worst sites. If you still feel they both cut equal.... then I wouldn't try for a second to discourage you from the 757. I'd be very tempted to buy it myself. Just be sure you consider all the fine details of your needs in your operation.

    Good Luck!
  5. Tonyr

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    G'Day Bill,

    as ya know I had a Toro Z588E, 60'' turbo force deck.

    the deck cuts very nice, built very well etc. super strong.

    Things that bugged me was, flakey paint, plastic spindle cover tie downs would break so I bolted the covers on, but the plastic clips are very poor.

    I don't like the toro blade saddles, they bend, serve no positive purpose.

    The discharge opening is wide, no probs there.

    The rubber defector is great, they should all have these!

    The adjustable baffle is handy....though after awhile I got too lazy to set it up when I should of to get a better cut.

    The toro frames are good, mine did rough work and no probs.

    The hydros are jerky....

    overall the toro I had was good, only probs I had was a few engine dramas under warrantee, but the toro side of things were good.
  6. rochenyguy

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    Bill, I agree with all of the rest of the comments, and am looking at both Toro (557) and the JD 757 right now also. You didn't mention the 'deals' that you could get on these machines. What are they trying to sell these units to you for, and are they comparably priced?
  7. DLCS

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    I got 2 JD 757's love them. One is a 2002 and the other is a 2004. The only real problem I have had was with the pto shaft seal going bad and weeping. But other than that no major problems. The thing I have found is to get the best cut go no less than 1/4" deck rake, my 2004 is set at 3/8" rake. Also, make sure the dealer checks the rpm's cause both of mine came with the rpm's running under 3600, have to be set atleast 3600, makes all the difference in the world. I don't know what kind of deal you are getting with JD but my last 757 I got for $7200.
  8. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I have a 737 which is same as 757 with a 23 instead of 25HP engine. I have been well pleased, never been in the shop since Ive owned it.
  9. 6'7 330

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    Hi rocheney.
    The two Toro’s are both demos, one had 13 hours, the other 11 best as I can remember. The Toro 555 he wants 7400$ the Toro 587 7900$.

    The Deere 757, 7700$ and he will throw in striping rollers for both.

    When we buy a machine, first thing we do when we get it into the shop, put on a tach.We set the RPMS to 3750 with the blades spinning under no load.

    Thanks DLSC, Mike, Tony, and all of you for your replys.My partner is going to try to demo the Deere again, and we will be the owners of either two Toro's or two Deeres this Friday lol.
  10. stumper1620

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    I've been very happy with my 737, running mulch kit on it now, got the bagger, very happpy with that, stripping roller is a 350 dollar item, mulch kit was around 250, and powerflow was 1500, I love mine, Deere is the way to go, wish I had gotten the suspension seat though. :D
    Oh ya, one problem with mine was the tensioner for the mule belt broke, 15 miniutes at the shop, they raped a new 757 to get mine fixed for me.
    Dealer support is second to none.

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