toro 500 series turbo force deck striping kit mounted

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by odin, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. it a little more versatile then the old rubber flap for the sfs deck....
  2. other side of the deck
  3. one more ....................................
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    looks like the same old rubber flap with a bracket. Hope it does well for you Jack.
  5. yeah but the difference to can be raised and lowered ...the old one you bolted to the deck and it was fixed in one postion....notice those rods from the kit to the deck lift chains can raise and lower and fine adjust the flap with those ...the deck stripes great natually ...the kit enhances it great...worth the 100 bucks i paid .
  6. NCSULandscaper

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    here is what my toro kit does jack

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    I bought the same kit for my Z-500, and had it dealer installed. It was the first one they installed and they goofed it up. While picking my mower up both adjustment rods broke in the parking lot before I could even get it on the trailer. Fortunately, they had another one in stock and reinstalled it. Anyway, the mechanic said the other mechanic installed it wrong and made some changes. After using it for the forst time yesterday I noticed that both rods ar bent now. Somthing still isn't right. Could you please post a better picture of the linkage and attachment points for me? Maybe, I can figure out what the problem is before it gets broken again. I checked to see if it was adjusted too low and found that it was actually adjusted all the way up and nothing seemed to be in the way. The only other thing I can think of is it may get caught up on the transition between the trailer gate and the deck on the trailer. I will post info if I find somthing out. Stripes are great though. Thanks, FLC Dave.
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    Odin, I know you used to run the old sfs decks. How do the new turbo force compare to those? I'll buy the new one if it chops the grass up finer. Thanks
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    bart go to your nearest Toro Dealer and demo the new Turbo Decks youll notice they are designed like the exmarks only with the adjustable chute baffel, they cut great and are top notch machines.....Marks Mowing Service

    family 180.jpg
  10. The turbo force is superior to the sfs....mine is a 60 inch ..the deck seems indestructable...7 gauge steel.

    Cut is fantastic as good as any mower out ...the adjustable baffling is easy as shitting corn in a cottonfield to adjust
    you can adjust the baffling for every condition from easy summer cutting to heavy spring growth.

    I love the mower great cut .

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