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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mcw615, Jun 8, 2009.

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    I purchased (2) of these mowers last August and have never owned a commercial zero before. says this mower comes standard with 24-12-12 tires but I see a lot of people with 24-9.5-12 on the 52" diesel?? any comments..

    Second, this mower is VERY heavy, yes get a diesel for wet conditions for the torque, but you can't mow with it when it's wet because the back end is SOO heavy it is just as bad as have a skid steer on a yard. When you go to turn around it leaves a skid, I have about 400 hours total on each mower by myself and a lot of practice but I know it is the mower. Just looking for feedback on this mower and its weight compared to other toro gas zeros.
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    Yes it's heavy. I use a 60 and 72 diesel. The smaller ones have the Kubota and the larger ones the daihatsu.

    You have to do a little dance when turning around, like back up then going forward to avoid tearing the grass.

    It's no problem once you get used to it. Ferris' 5100 Z weighs more than the toro does-2200 lbs so it must not be that much of a problem.
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    sell one and get a new toro g3 with the 34hp kawi and a 60 inch deck! mine floats in mud! i mow in some really wet stuff and it floats accross the top i have almost gotten stuck but it was pure 2 foot deep muck! it still went trough it a couple of times and left no grass standing. the diesel you have is what i wanted a 52" it was the most powerful toro 52" you could get. i went with exmark which is the same as toro just the deck is different. you cant go wrong with the new style for power and ease of use they work great on hills and really well everywhere else. if rutting is a problem for you it is deffinently the answer, my smaller mower ruts way more than this one and this one is twice as heavy.

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