Toro 52" Grandstand vs. Exmark 60" walk behind


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Greenwich, CT
Was wondering what the thoughts were on this. Have some larger properties this year and I am not sure which is more efficient. I have 1 52' Grandstand in the fleet now along with 2 48"s. The 60" Grandstand is over the budget so that is out. Never used Exmark before so not sure about the quality. Plus I am not sure I want to stock parts that are different than my other mowers.

Any experience with these mowers and which route would you go?



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toro owns exmark now so there should be more and more similaritys between the 2 as far as parts go.

take the vantage vs the grandstand for example. identical machines except for the decks.

i'd go with the grandstand if i were you. not much of a diff between a 52" deck and a 60" deck in my opinion.