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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Danb, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Danb

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    I have a 91 Toro Proline 52" walk behind. The spindle and bearing is junk. I brought it to my local shop and they couldn't even look up parts for it. Where can I get a new spindle?

    30170 is the model number of the mower. No parts numbers on the deck.
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  2. Greg78

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  3. Danb

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    Thank you. I appreciate it.
  4. Danb

    Danb LawnSite Member
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    Actually mine is different from what is pictured. The spindle housing on mine only has 4 bolt holes.
  5. ricky86

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    Can you post a picture of it? The deck was made from 1984 till 1998 with few if any variations. I've never seen a Toro SFS spindle with 4 bolt mount. Somethings not right.
  6. BigFish

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    What kind of morons are you dealin' with????
    TORO has an excellent website. Just punch in yer numbers!
    Fer instance:
  7. herler

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    When a mower gets to be 5-8 years old the first parts start to disappear, most folks won't notice unless it just so happens to be something they need which is rare because it's just 2 or 3 out of a thousand... Even then, many a times the parts can still be found elsewhere and at first it's only a few parts here and there...

    However, the process goes on relentlessly...

    When a mower gets to be 8-10 years old some folks will start to notice a few parts are definitely no longer available or that the price has started to increase. Two things happen from here on out, either certain parts are completely discontinued and can no longer be found, or you have to be willing to pay a premium.

    By the time a mower gets to be 10-15 years old there is a definite parts shortage. It doesn't affect all of the parts but it does affect more than a few. In most cases you can still get the parts, but only if you're willing to cross-reference and look long and hard and you really know what you're doing, then you may still have to pay a premium as well.

    By the time the mower gets to be 15-20 years old, the parts issue has grown into a definite and royal pita.

    And much past 20 years of age, unless you have a lot of mechanical experience it's just as well retire that machine.
  8. herler

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    That having been said...

    Unless that spindle is cracked or missing a chunk, it's still good.

    Now, if you can pull out one or both of the bad bearings...
    And clean them up real nice with a rag and a soft solvent such as kerosene...

    Then under good light and with a magnifying glass you might be able to glean the numbers off one of the bearings, unfortunately with the age of the machine I suspect the bearings to be the open kind and it might prove impossible to see much of anything besides shiny metal... If you can get the numbers (in some cases there might be letters, it makes up a part numbering system) then you can order new bearings from a bearing manufacturer direct, via their part number.

    But if the bearing's part number is no longer visible...
    Then the only option is to take measurements of the ID / OD and height and width and there might be one or two more measurements and then order as per those specifications, bearings designed to tolerate racing applications.

    Ordering the wrong bearings, even if the measurements are correct, will result in premature failure.
    Bearings in lawn mower spindles must be designed to tolerate a high number of rpm's over prolonged periods of time, much like in racing applications.

    Timken is one manufacturer of such racing tolerant bearings made to specification.
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  9. BigFish

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    W.T.F. are you babblin' about?????
    The spindle parts are readily avail. from Toro or several online vendors. The bearings can be had at ANY bearing house, local or online!
  10. Danb

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    I can get pictures tomorrow after work. They can order parts, but it would be special order, and their policy is no refunds on special order parts. So if its wrong, I am out $100+.

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