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Manchester, NH
I was hoping you guys out there would be able to help me on this. Found a Toro Proline SFS 52" walk behind. It is a demo left over from last fall, They are asking $2380.00 with a 2 year extended warranty. It's in pretty much new condition except the discharge chute has a dent in it looks like someone misjudged the width and hit a pole or fence post. Is this a fair price or are they asking too much? Any replies would be helpfull, would like to pick it up this week. Thanks.


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Atlanta, GA
Not sure which engine it has but that sounds like an attractive price. I assume it's a belt drive at that price. A new 32"/12.5hp T bar fixed deck model is $2600.

Is it T bar or pistol grips?
Engine type and rating?
Is this the vertical height adjustment pins or horizontal? The former was unbalanced and front-heavy, causing traction problems.


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well the sfs deck isn't the best, but it will give you a decent cut. If its a T-bar with adequate horsepower i'd go for it. Keep in mind that the sfs deck doesn't need quite as much hp as some of the other decks out there. Don't worry about the discharge chute, all it does is create clumps anyways.


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If it is a hydro with T bar...good price. I have a 52" hydro with a 20 hp kohler. I paid $4000.00 for it 2 years ago new. Does a good job.


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I got a T-bar 52'' gear drive last year and it retailed for about $3700, I would go for it

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