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toro 52" z400


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piscataway, nj
hi everyone i am new to this site. great site. i hope someone can help me with this question i am currently using an exmark 44" lazer hp. i have had it since 2004 . i think it is time to upgrade to a 52" rider and was wondering if a toro 52" z400 was commercial enough with a 21 hp kawi for me to use for roughly 100 accounts. the reason why im targeting this machine is the shop by me is selling it for $6300. i think this is a great deal. i would be using the vac system with this machine about half of the time. is this machine more for a home owner with a big yard or is it really for commercial use? thanks.


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Hello, first off, you have posted in a for sale forum. Take a look at some of the other forums listed and try to post there, you will get a much better responce.:)

DA Quality Lawn & YS

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Rochester, MN
Yep wrong forum BUT...
I own the Z400 too (I have the 48" deck). It is a full commercial machine. You take care of it, it will do what you need it to do.