toro 595 52" 27hp kubota diesle for $2800


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there were 2 of them. one had 1400hrs and the other had 1000 (at least thats what the meters read.

they had both been taken apart and every part was re painted so they were very clean but it was obvious they were painter to look fresh. Clear coat was sprayed over everything.

they both started quick and powered up very nice. blades engaged with no vibration and I was surprised how quiet they were. the decks didn't seem to have any holes or rust that was patched, even underneath the baffles were in pretty good shape.

I did notice that even though they had just been cleaned and painted the pumps (or the hoses, not sure which) were leaking some hydro so they at least needed seals. the mowers did move back and forth but I didn't drive them around.

Both went for $2800 each plus tax and 10% auction surcharge.

Did I pass up a good thing if I could have bought them for say $3000?(assuming the other guy didnt want to go higher)