Toro 8000 Kohler 23hp EFI problems when hot


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Buffalo NY
Thanks in advanced for any help. I have a toro 8000 with aprox 1900 hrs on it. Machine is great. We run both walkers and these 8000s and this machine my employees like better... faster, nicer cut, comfort. The problem we are having is that every time the motor gets hot which is a (kohler command 23hp efi) it does not want to start. If we go back to dump grass and shut off it takes forever to get it back started... cranks for a good 20-30 seconds sometimes. Then after it is started the throttle take a minute to get back up to full power. It will go up and down by itself and then finally come all the way to full power. If we try to engage blades and put load on motor right after after starting it can stall out or do the throttle thing up and down until we I’m engage blades drop throttle down to idle and then put back up and re engage. We have looked into the codes and have fixed everything with any codes and problems still happening. Dealer can’t figure it out either and codes are not being set on the machine 80% of the time. Any help would be awesome!


will county Il
sounds like a fuel problem, either the pump is going bad or flow restricted from tank to pump ( filter plugging out/ trash in tank screen ) and causing a fuel boil ( vapor lock ) from suction .

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