toro atomic blades

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Long Lake, MN
we have started using toro atomic blades after years of using gators. the only difference we can see is that the atomics seem to be a harder steel keeping and edge longer and therefore lasting longer. any others with experience?

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Logan UT
Seeing how I work in a Toro dealership I will try and answer your question. The Atomics are Gator blades, they are made by the same company only difference the is the Gators are red and the Atomics are black. As far as a mulch kit they have them for their wide area mowers and also the 100 and 200 series Z.


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N.E. Wisconsin
They are Atomic all right, I put a brand new set (40.00) on the Toro WB this summer and at my first lawn proceeded to hit a rock.
The rock shreaded just like the grass does but then it shot out and I purchased 3 windows and a screen.

The blades all took a swipe at the rock, all I can say is they are good leaf mulchers now.