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toro atomics

matthew horner

LawnSite Senior Member
Sanford, NC
Been getting complaints about clippings and leaves. So, until my dc arrives, i thought i'd get some mulchers for my toro 52inch belt drive wb. I buy three of them (atomics), at 16 dollars each only to come home and find some (read: enough to make me wonder) complaints about them on lawnsite. I think I can get gators for this mower, for a cheaper price, and perhaps they'd do a better job. I know alots been said about this here, and i've been reading it, but would love some fresh input.


LawnSite Member
Central Il
Souds pretty pricey for the atomics, I use the gators on my 44"belt drive toro and they work pretty well. Just remember you have 52" of grass to get chopped down to size just don't think you can tackel any tall grass and the blades will compensate for it or you will not like the quality of cut.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Kitty Hawk, NC
I have no complaints with the Atomics. I have never experienced any of the bad things that some people say about them on here.


LawnSite Senior Member
oklahoma city
Not much difference for me.


LawnSite Bronze Member

The Atomics work good for me.

In thick stuff they can streak and even sometimes leave clippings laying between each blade chamber, now my thought why this happens is, Atomics don't have sail/ lift at the blade tip like a standard blade or even a gator, so I reckon vacume and airflow at the tip is reduced....sounds good in theory anyway.

Atomics are great in the conditions we should be using them in, so technically they are good.

Pity they don't have a longer cutting edge though...

I haven't tried gators, but am trying to, I think a gator magnum would be better than a atomic.

The toro recycler blade I'm using now is very good, not a gator style, longer cut edge and directional sail at the end and no streaks or residue, better than atomics in my opinion.

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