Toro Bagger. DFS or Two Bin?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DSLND, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. DSLND

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    This season i will be purchasing a bagger for my Toro Z150. It has a 52in SFS deck and 20hp Kohler. I have talked to my dealer in the past and he said that every person he has sold the two bin to has had great results. Now next year i will have sides on my trailer for the first four feet in the front they will be four feet and the other six feet will just be one foot for hauling grass, and landscaping materials (mulch, brick, stone, etc). Now heres my question. Which bagging system would you prefer? The DFS or Two Bin. Most of my properties it will be used on are anywhere from 4k sq ft to 5 acres (i don't bag the five acred one). Which one did you choose and were you happy with it? Which system would you recommend? Thanks! -Mitch-
  2. Jason Rose

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    A. Unless you can back your mower onto your trailer each time you need to dump you will have to dump on the ground and scoop it on there. IMO it would be much easier to pile it on the trailer using the bags than trying to get the DFS over the top of a pile of grass...

    B. You don't have a lot of space there for clippings. Have you ever bagged before? I'm solo and can easily overfill my dump bed truck in one day, and it's 6.5' (or 7') wide and 9' long with 2' sides.

    If you are normally mulching or discharging now I'd advise just sticking to that. My life would be soooo easy if I didn't have to bag here, but that's a whole other arguement that I've had too many times on here, lol.
  3. Uranus

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    Bags are better IMO. Like J said it's easyier than dumping and then getting it into your truck
    But if you have accounts with dump sites then the clamshells will work great. Basicly if your hauling clippings away then the bags are the way to go
  4. robertsturf

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    As a former owner or a ZTR with the DFS system, it's not worth the extra money. It's too heavy, too long, and doesn't have that great of suction power. The side mount impeller for the 2 bagger I would think at least shreds the material that you are bagging. With the DFS it just "sucks" the material to the back. If you want any more info on the machine I had don't hesitate to call or PM. 816-350-0886. Trent.
  5. iowa

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    DFS sucks, not in the way it should though. Big, obsolete, and impractical.
  6. DSLND

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    I think im most likely going to go with the two bin. When my brother is hauling me around or when we can borrow his truck then i will have 6" of bed along with 4" of trailer to throw clippings and i think the two bin will be nicer and allow more trailer space. -Mitch-
  7. soccerlawn

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    The two bags work great for me.
  8. PowerEquipmentWarehouse

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    We saw a few problems with the DFS systems. I echo what the others say, go with the bags. Mike
  9. DSLND

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    I think i'm most likely going to go with the two bin b/c with the DFS i would have to dump on a tarp to throw on my trailer due to width (5") and going with the two bin will save me some room on my trailer. My dealer quoted me for the DFS at just around $2k and the two bin right at $5k with all the parts (tubes, brackets, etc). I think the 2 bin is a good deal and i am hoping for good results. -Mitch-
  10. Jason Rose

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    dream cut: Just to nitpick here.. " is INCHES. ' is FEET. Makes it tricky to read when everything you type is the opposite... I doubt that your trailer is 5 inches wide.

    *off my soapbox now*

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