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Hey guys, I have an older (1994/95) Toro proline 52 that I’m fixing up. I can find regular blades no problem, but I’m trying to find a gator blade, and the closest I can find have a 5/8” hole. The factory blades have a 1/2”. Just wondering if anyone knew a company I could get a set with a 1/2” hole.


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You could use a thin steel bushing, you must make sure the bushing is slightly thinner than the blade so the conical washer, if equipped, pinches the blade not the bushing.

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Take you part number for the regular blade go on amazon and type it and 'toro' into their search engine and see what comes up. With my proline 44 I could not gator blades but found some rotary mulching blades. 8ten is a popular band that has mulching blades there but I have never run them. Make sure you know all the dimensions for your blades.

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