Toro comercial or homeowner grade??

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ul2fly, Apr 21, 2004.

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    Im trying to put together a list for my soon to be lawn service.
    Equipment list are as fallows

    1-36" USED Toro t-bar floating deck have (not found yet)
    sould be under $1500.00 for a good used

    1-Stihl 4mix power head kombi system km110r
    1-FCB Curved edger attachment
    1-HL Adjustable hedge trimmer
    1-FS Line Head trimmer
    1-HT Pole Pruner

    1-Stihl BG 55 blower with vac attachment

    And this is the part i have not figured out yet..............?
    Toro model 20038 6.75hp ohv Personal Pace® with Bag for $579.00?
    Toro model 22172 Self Propelled, Kawasaki® 4-Cycle 6.0 HP, BBC
    for $1199.00?
    All to fit within a wells cargo 5x10 single axle which i already own.

    As you can see i still have a few things to be sorted out yet.
    Im wanting to buy the Trimmer,Edger,Blower,and the 21" A.S.A.P.
    Inorder to get a few clients in my imediate neighborhood. And order my GOPHER software once i get the equipment.
    I have a truck & trailer ,after noons and $5000.00 to invest.
    These investment are to last until next year, wich i plan to have a better understanding of what else i need/want.

    Please any info you can spare for i truly am NEW at this.
    Thank you
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    Beware of the wheel adjusters on the Toro models that engage in slots on the body of the mower, as they wear and will not hold at that height. I am not sure if the new model year mowers are like that.

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