toro deck numbers for spindle replacment

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by cuttinggrassiscool, Feb 9, 2006.

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    i have an older toro walk behind 44. it has the 12.5 kawasaki fb460v. recently the center spindle shaft went. i took it to my dealer who said he cannot get the parts because there are not any numbers on the deck, the both of us searched for them. he tried with the distributor to guess and test but his parts guy doesn't want to do that. my dealer will repair anything, so as far as getting a part like this, it isn't his specialty. i am going to try and find a bigger toro dealer in the area and maybe they can find the right part for me. other then that machining it is always an option. does anyone else have any ideas, thanks and sorry this post was so long.
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    No sure where you're from but the biggest in our region is philadelphia turf

    They've always been able to find whatever I needed. Maybe if you pull the shaft and have all the dimensions available, it would help.
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    Is your dealer one of the ones that wants YOU to do all of the research FOR him? Is he the one, who when it does not pop-up in the computer, he is totally lost and disgusted? A lot of them are like that. Measure the height of the shaft, the diameter of the shaft, and go to him and have him order it. Any problems, go to another dealer, and report the first dealer to the area representative. This IS NOT rocket science. It is just a matter of getting people OFF OF their duffs and moving in the right direction. Raise a little hell.
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    thanks for the advice.
    as far as repoting him, well i feel it is my fault as well as his, yes he should have done more work to track it down i agree. but he is not a toro dealer, he deals much more in repairs, both for lco's and homeowners. he did order a part, and it turned out that it wouldnt fit. i was their when he called his parts guy. i took the number of of j thomas and i am going to go their and see if that is the one he ordered, if it is we are still going to be having a problem, as this machine has got to be ten years old or more, hopefully it wasnt and we solved the problem. thanks guys

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