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toro dfs bagger


LawnSite Member
Any of you guys out there have the dfs bagging system, what kind of price did you pay for the system already have the mower. I'm trying to buy one of these none around this area, so I would just like a little input on the price of these things so I can get the best deal. If the dealer is quoting the right bagging system, he possibly said maybe less than $2000.00. What do you all think.


LawnSite Member
Hey Guys, my Toro dealer priced a dfs for around $2200 but he would not sell me one because the first and only one he sold had tons of trouble, as for the bags I think he quoted around $1700 for the 3 bags, but he told me that they were also having trouble with the blower shaft on these baggers, I went with a Protero 12 and love the looks but have not used it yet