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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by matt2000ar, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. matt2000ar

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    just got a new Toro Zmarter new for a dealer out of state dew to no on had one around here in Arkansas. i got it back here an was mowing with it on dads flat front yard and it died on me when i turned. well i thought it was out of diesel. so i filled it it up and ran fine. but when i start mowing on so hills side it started dieing all the time i would get about 8 to 10' and it would shut the mower down. would restart no problem but when i took off the brake it would die again. i would have to pull it to a flat spot to get it to run again. call dear they said it sound like water in the fuel. change diesel and fuel filter. an after doing that it still die on hill side and going down hills and backing up. some time dies when tying to go up ramp on trail. an i know that is not to steep for it. ( An on have any idea's what it could be?) it only has 27.5 hrs on it..) 23Hp kubota diesel 60 2006 it was still in box when got it. they assembled it the day before.
  2. evont22

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    This may or may not be it but I have rented sod cutters in the past that when they got on much of a slope and the oil ran to one side of the oil pan the low oil sensor wouldnt read and as a safety it would shut down the motor. Sounds like it could be something along those lines since it runs fine on flat ground.... just not on hillsides. Hope that helps.
  3. ALC-GregH

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    Take it back to the dealer.
  4. Horizon Lawn

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    try your seat safety switch and see if that might be the problem. and as far as i know my diesel doesnt have the low oil safety that would shut it down if oil is low. I would jump safety over and try that first especially if it has the suspension seat.
  5. Mowingman

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    I am guessing the seat safety switch is set way too sensitive. As your weight shifts, it lets switch kill machine. Bypass the seat switch for a few minutes, and see if that fixes the problem.
  6. matt2000ar

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    well the diesel engine runs fine on the hill. i can let the mower sit an run on the hill and it run fine at full power. but it has something to do with the parking brake or the seat. but i could be wrong. Also said i live in AR the only 2 places i can take to get worked on is Dallas, TX or Nashville, Tn where i pick up the mower. the 3 toro dealer here said they cant work on the diesel dew to they are not certified to work on it. i also was going to try and take it by one of the golf course and talk to one of the people that work on the reel mowers.
  7. ricky86

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    First, those dealers are FOS. There was a service bulletin awhile back about over-sensitive seat switches. The time delay module does not function normally with a Kubota engine so any interruption and the shut off solenoid activates shutting down the engine. From the sound of it, your on you own. Test run to duplicate the problem, then lift the seat and put a jumper (for test only) in the harness between the seat switch wires. Test again. Be aware that the interlock has been disabled and you will be able to get off the seat while the mower is engaged. Post you results.
  8. matt2000ar

    matt2000ar LawnSite Member
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    will try this today. i have to mow with it, in wet area's today.
  9. matt2000ar

    matt2000ar LawnSite Member
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    was also thinking about try my Exmark seat switch on it an see if it does it again or if it does not then ill change it out and put a new on in it. i thaught about here a few mins i had the same problem with my Navigator it wouldnt let me take off the brake or the power shifter, as soon as i did it shut the engine down. i have had to replaces the 3 or 4 times, tell i learn about what Gravely put over them to keep out water and moister, a rubber boot cover them.
  10. ricky86

    ricky86 LawnSite Silver Member
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    Moisture is not the problem. It's just an adjustment. You start switching parts, you may make matters worse. All switches aren't the same. Some are n/o and some are n/c. You want to see the bulletin?

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