Toro dingo/boxer/etc...and mud

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Impact-Vector, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Impact-Vector

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    Lately it seems I get way overextended by having scheduling issues or losing work because of rain delays.

    On average I try keep my guys busy but if I schedule 4 weeks of work I find I have 2 weeks of rain delays.

    In comes the thought of a toro dingo etc. usually I will rent a 10ton ex to dig footers or use my skidsteer to cut and grade base. With the rain I find I have to cut lower, truck out mud and bring in more base, the problem...excavator rental isn't cheap (especially daily) and my skid has wheels.

    So in the search for low ground pressure the dingo comes to mind, is it capable of scraping 2-3" of mud and pushing it out? I'm even willing to expand my base trenches to 38" wide to make it possible to run the machine n there. Will it survive or just spin the tracks in the mud?

    And as someone already said.. Machines don't break down like people do! That's pretty priceless.
  2. zedosix

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    I don't know but I would think a 10 ton ex is just too damn big. Why not use a smaller excavator, it won't make any mess at all.
  3. Impact-Vector

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    Scored a good agreement since no one else rents them :)
    Daily $190
    Weekly $550
    Deliver and pickup $200

    I used try to do redi or mafia lock walls because its less laborers but lately I have been doing lots of Allan or gms block walls. It's cheaper to stay with the 10 ton than go smaller.
  4. italianstallion69

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    with a 10 ton and a dingo, and a little patience, u could dig a hole big enough to throw that piece of junk in!

    rented a dingo tx420 for 2 weeks, piece of junk

    slow, slow slow, wont grade, lift capacity is great, wont dig, bucket capacity is 1 wheelbarrow,horrible and small.

    it gets stuck very easily in mud.

    very very very easily.

    no way around it buy a mini or get a TLB to dig.

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