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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Outback Designz, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. Outback Designz

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    Does anyone use the dingo or anther similar piece of equipment? if so, what do you like and not like about them. looking to get one. researching different brands.
  2. Team Gopher

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    Hi Fox,

    While you are waiting for more responses, here is a post to review.
  3. Outback Designz

    Outback Designz LawnSite Member
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    Thanks TG. I have read that one. I already did the search. Thanks though.
  4. Mike Fronczak

    Mike Fronczak LawnSite Senior Member
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    I've used one. Amazing what it can do. I just kind of inherited the machine as of late(long story). They are pricy though, I would look at all options thoughly before purchasing.
  5. bcx400

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    from PA
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    I demo'ed the toro, bobcat and ramrod mini-skids, all track machines. Also tried the Finn rubber-tire machine. The Ramrod 1150 had the most power and lift capacity and the most comfortable controls. All the machines worked well and seem to be priced similar ($15,000 range without attachments or trailer). I thought the bobcat had poor visibility when using the loader bucket to dig a patio- you can't see the lip of the bucket unless you are 7' tall. Also a track came off on the Bobcat after 2 hours. They have since redesigned their machine (new model is the MT52)- probably worth looking into. The Finn is a really nice machine (cat diesel), but in soft and wet soil, didn't have near the traction as the track machines. If the Finn were a dedicated track machine, I would have purchased it. Stay away from slip on tracks.

    So I bought the Ramrod..... I have used it for one season, and these are my experiences:

    The machine is a dedicated track machine and has amazing pushing ability. Digging walks and patios with the loader bucket works great- but you MUST use a tooth bar attached to the bucket, unless you are digging in sand. The auger I bought (McMillen 12" and 30") also works great. Also got hydraulic forks, which work nice for picking up trees by the root ball. The machine will just barely lift a 3-3.5" caliper tree off a truck and carry to planting hole.

    After 40 hours of use the rear *#$@* axle broke. Really pissed me off. The dealer came out and picked up the machine with a big New Holland skid steer (when a track machine breaks down like this you are out of luck- it stays where it is until you get rescued). So they put the Ramrod on a flat bed, took it to there shop, and replaced BOTH rear axles with larger diameter axles, supplied by Ramrod. The machine was under warranty, so it didn't cost me a dime (except down time without use of a machine, 7 days). Ramrod is supposedly making these machines now with larger axles.

    Other than the axle, I have been happy with the machine. The only other problem is related to the type of work I do. The mini-skids are pushed so freakin' hard in landscape construction work, that I now realize I need a bigger machine. Maybe the asvi RC-30 would work? Maybe I need to go larger and different. If I come across an extra $40,000 I think I'll buy me a John Deere 110 backhoe.
  6. Strawbridge Lawn

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    I used the Dingo 322. I have not used the Ramrod. I thought it was very usefull, but once I tried the ASV RC-30 I can honestly say I will never consider a Dingo. Not that it is bad, just limited for the type of work I intend to do. The Rc-30 has more power, traction, ground clearance, lift capacity and stability. Far more comfortable and capable and it is 48" wide and about 2,300-2,700 lbs with a 32 HP CAT Diesel. Several jobs I had with the Dingo I rutted out the ground becasue of wet conditions and ground clearance became an issue.
    For specific limited jobs the smaller machines are wonderful.
    Do a careful analysis of the jobs you currently do and/or want to do. Rent or Demo machines and see which ones can do the tasks you plan to do the quickest and easiest
    Best to you.
  7. H2O guy

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    I just purchased a Ditch Witch SK500. Walk behind, track drive, multiple attachments. I tried the dingo (junk) The DW is a beast. It has a seperate hydro pump for the attachments, 7" tracks (about 4 lbs. psi), 24 HP honda, less than 36" wide, The controls are also well designed (finger-tip operating). I just completed a job that required 75 cu. yards topsoil (in the NW it is always wet 3500# per yd.) this machine allowed me to spread and grade in 7 Hrs. The grade was accurate enough to just hit it with a finish rake prior to sodding. I also use it to remove and transport shrubs. The official lift cap. is 500#; It will easily lift twice that. I also Install Irr. with the plow attachment. Soft on the turf!!!

    OK so I am a little biased, but this is my MOST important piece of machinery. (I run a JD 5200 with a 520 loader, a Kubota back-hoe with woods 5200 loader, two Irr vans, a one ton dump truck, 10 pic-ups, and countless landscape tools ie mowers, tillers, edgers, line trimmers, chain saws, blowers)
  8. xcopterdoc

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    H2O.. hows the 5200 holding up? We have one thats right at 4000 hrs now.
  9. H2O guy

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    We are running close to 3000 hrs. I think if we ever stopped beating it to death it would fall apart. It is a great tractor. Although we are on the forth starter in 6 mos. Could be that the JD dealer hasn't quite figured out that 1) you can't install a starter with a crow bar, 2) if the fly wheel is missing teeth it might effect the bendix gear. Live and learn. We typically use this machine to remove large shrubs (Rhodis primarily) and small to medium trees.

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