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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by bigviclbi, Mar 15, 2013.

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    Decided to add one to the arsenal. Don't want this thread to turn into a what machine is better, etc, just two main questions. Anybody with real world experience with the narrow and wide tracked machines and any main differences in digging power, stability, etc between the two? We work on alot of properties where it would probably be easier to have the narrow tracked machine to get into backyards, but don't want to sacrifice too much for it. Second I'm looking at new with 0% finance about $375 a month($22000ish.), or a 2009 with 150-300 hrs ($13500ish) $225 a month. What is the hour point wear the machines start to really wear? I never buy anything new but am wondering if in this case it might be worth it.
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    The wide track is highly recommended. 500 hours tracks will start tearing on a good operator. The 2009 unit is a sweet deal very low hours :waving:
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    I have the bobcat mt52 with narrow tracks. It took bobcat 2-3 weeks to get it for me so they loaned me one till I got mine and it had wide tracks. All we used the machine for was with a bucket to move dirt for new landscaping jobs and trencher for irrigation installs. I've had my machine for 14 months now and we are still only using our machine for landscape installs and irrigation installs and I haven't noticed any differences other than my narrow track will fall easier in a trench which you can almost always avoid it, and if it does you will be out in 5 seconds. In my opinion if you do what we do which is 80% residential irrigation and landscaping installs and most of the homes have the small gates and since we bough it bc the machine with one guy will be as productive as 3 guys. I didn't think it was worth having to mess with the fence or not being able to use my machine.

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    i have a 427 wide track and I love it. Very stable machine. I have been on hills and slopes and it really holds well. Really a good machine for residential use since it doesnt tear up the sod in peoples yards.
  5. bigviclbi

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    Thanks, keep any info coming. Any side by side comparisons from people with experience with both is what I'm looking for.

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