Toro Dingo vs Bobcat MT

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by PerfiCut L&L, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. PerfiCut L&L

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    We've always used the toro dingos on our jobs and so far they have held their own. We were looking to buy one but ran across a bobcat MT50 with 400 hours for what looks like a good price $7500.

    I have no experience with the bobcats and was hoping I could find some input here. Whats your experience with these machines, and how would compare them to the toros?
  2. Edgewater

    Edgewater LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have not used one long enough to see how they hold up, but I find that they tip with slightly less weight than a dingo, and the ground speed is slower.
  3. Lite4

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    I have used them both. The dingo is a far superior machine in functionality and lifting capacity.
  4. Summit L & D

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    I spent extensive time demoing both the Dingo 525 and 425, and the Bobcat MT 55 & 52. We decided to go with the Bobcat MT55. I felt that it was a heavier duty machine all the way around.

    Here are a few of the things that I really like about the Bobcat:
    -Hand Controls are SO much easier to use (you can drive the machine with one hand)
    -Much stronger lifting arms
    -Tracks are harder to throw, and seen to be much more durable
    -Flat out more powerful
    -The hinge pins on the bucket don't catch and hold dirt like the dingos
    -The mounting plate has over twice the surface area of the dingo style mounting plate, thus giving the bucket/attachment even more strength

    And some things that I don't like:
    -Platform really stinks in loose dirt (it tends to dig into the ground, propping up the back of the machine)
    -The back end does seem to be a little bit on the light side
    -Some of the grease fittings are pretty hard to get to
    -I can't buy standard attachments (attachments have to be Bobcat specific)

    Overall, I'd still take the Bobcat over anything else.
  5. PatriotLandscape

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    from MA
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    We bought the mt-52 over the dingo because at the same price point you get a kubota diesel rather than a briggs gas engine.

    other reasons were the controls and lift capacity.

    IMO the mt-50 is just a better made machine.
  6. PatiosInstalled

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    I just picked this mt 52 up a couple weeks ago, and it is an excellent machine. i have never used a dingo before so i cant compare the two. it has plenty of power and seems to be well constructed. i would have to agree it could use a little more weight in the rear end.

    here are a few picks from a deck demo for a patio install that we did. after working the concrete back and forth for 30 seconds or so it pulled it straight out of the ground.


  7. Junior M

    Junior M LawnSite Fanatic
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    I have never ran a bobcat but i really like the controls on the dingo alot better but i am used to those controls... but overall i like boxer alot more than toro. they seem alot heavier built and stronger and the controls dont look so cobbled up.. but i have noticed on the boxer track machine it is easier to get a rock under the rollers.. i wouldnt reccommend use in gravel but the only toro i have ran was a wheel machine and i didnt like it.. really rough. controls were sticky like you had to really push them before they would go and by the time they did you were hauling ass... but you cant judge a brand by one of there lemon's.. every brand is goin to have them....
  8. BrandonV

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    he is talking mt50 which is the predecessor to the 52 and 55 I had one myself. they are slow... very slow, don't turn well and also don't grade exceptionally well because too much weight is in the rear and you have no downforce. that being said they were VERY well made, i put 1000hrs on mine w/o incident. it will run a trencher well, and also we had a tiller. controls will wear you out after a while (not like the new ones). If you're going to use in day in and day out get something faster (we bought two sk650s and in a year have put more hours on those than we did with our mt in 3) much more versatile and easier to work w/ but if you'll need it on occasion I'd recommend it very much.
  9. Lawnworks

    Lawnworks LawnSite Fanatic
    from usa
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  10. 4Russl5

    4Russl5 LawnSite Member
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    I bought the MT-52 and really enjoy having the employee who is happy to work hard all day. I am a huge proponent of renting versus owning, but I use this just about every day for work. I went with it over the Dingo because the service is great at the local dealer.....and the no interest financing. I agree about some of the drawbacks and pros stated....
    I have used a ditch witch attachment (fast), and a concrete break out/ jack hammer attachment (AMAZING IN TIGHT SPOTS)......on it with the bucket , and forks...
    I am not looking to sell it anytime soon.
    At the end of the day though, it's just another boat anchor in the shop.
    But I do love that it's never late for work, rarely complains, and works it butt off all day.

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