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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by qcms, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. qcms

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    I am looking at a Dingo TX 425 by Toro. Has anyone had any experience with one?? I would like to know about reliability and just how much of a workhorse these machines are. Any information is appreciated.............:confused:
  2. PAPS

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    Not for nothing... some guys love um... BUT I just cannot justify spending like what $13,000? or so on such a small machine... you could get a very nice skid steer for that amount of money... just my .02
  3. gene gls

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    check out this site:

    Toro is small, slow,handy and priceie. This is a bigger unit but has more capabillites for a few more bucks.

  4. gogetter

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  5. MHubes

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    Does anyone have a mini skid steer they are interested in selling in the New Jersey area? With everyone saying how a larger unit is more effective, it seems that there should be many used units around.
  6. paul

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    It's not that we had these smaller units it that we understand a wheelbarrow is still a wheelbarrow!
  7. Michael Fronczak

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    We used to have a Dingo(Toro) we could use, I believe a 222 model. Thing worked great with bucket, we used it last year to place topsoil for some repairs, 4-5 YDS soil, in an hour, placed we still had to rake, but much fasted than wheel barrel. Had an auger(6" & 9" bits) to that worked awesome. For the record I do have a Bobcat, didn't want to use it in soil job, to much turf damage, Dingo does far less if your careful.
    Finn now makes them(their own brand), were advertised last fall for $ 10,500 on special. The prices are starting to come down, for when they first came out, will probably buy one in a couple years?
  8. landscaper3

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    The Dingo sells for $10,250.00 in our area. Perfect machine for small tight areas like around fences and pools! But a full size skidsteer is 100% more productive and 100% more cost too for one like a Case 260 series 20k! So mif you need to use on large jobs skidsteer is the way to go but if you are working in tight spots most of the time a Dingo is the answer!

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