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  1. TotalLawn

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    Put the the Toro in the shop today for an idler pulley (150 hrs):mad: . The good part is the dealer is gonna let me "demo" their new Hustler Super Z while mine is under repair!! I am excited to see how much faster I can get the job done and the quality of cut while the wind is blowing thru my hair.:blob3:
  2. Remember you have to return the Hustler Super Z. Don't forget to bring it back. Your mower is awaiting your return. It says don't forget about me. Your El`Toro said "You don't look so good on Yellow"

    BTW I hope your hair doesn't fall out in the wind.

    Let us know how it does on the grass down ther in Tulsa.

  3. mdb landscaping

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    thats pretty funny. if your hair does fall out, maybe it will increase production. less drag behind the mower:)
  4. Runner

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    "Well, set my watch back to it, 'cause you know that I've been through it. Livin' on Tulsa Time.":)
  5. John DiMartino

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    Brian,your already done,you might as well arrange financing if necessary,and plan on selling or trading the Toro,once you drive the Super Z,your Toro wont feel as good as it used to.I was going to keep my Dixie after my lease is up,not now,the day the lease is up,Im buying it out,and selling it off,to buy a Super is when you hp back on the Toro that you'' really notice it,since the Supe Z is so smooth ,you dont realize your going that fast until you trade off to your old mower,and it feels so slow.
  6. scottt

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    What dealer did you go to, is it Bloss? There aren't many in our area that "demo" mowers like that one.
  7. OK Brian, it's dark out now in Tulsa.


    Do you still have hair left?

    How was old yeller?

    Is your Toro mad now?

    Details details
  8. 65hoss

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    He's like the energizer bunny, he's still going and going and going and going...............................................................
  9. HLC

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    My Hustler Shortcut went in for some warranty work a few weeks ago and I was loaned a Super Z 25/60. What an awesome machine. I hated for the Shortcut to get fixed so fast.
  10. brandy

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    Would like a response HellO!!!!!!!!!!!

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