Toro Estate Z400 with 52" deck

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by DJL50, May 25, 2006.

  1. DJL50

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    At first I had my eye on the Toro Estate z400 with 48" deck. My dealer said he thought the motor that comes with that model was a little under power since it only has one cylinder( 18hp Kohler) so now I am looking at the Z400 estate with the 52" deck because it has a 19hp Kaw. with two cylinders. Price is $5,699. I keep asking him about the Z400 pro value which I can get with a 48" deck for $6200. But he keeps insisting that is way more mover than need for my 2 1/2 acr. for home use only. I think I agree with him.
    Like opinions on this model.
  2. zgman

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    DJL50, 19hp seems a bit underpowered for a 52" deck. JMO
  3. Larry Davis

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    I've had a 48" deck Exmark Lazer Z HP with 21 HP Kawi for about 5 years now. It has been an excellent (and still is) machine and gives a beautiful cut. Here's my input for you:
    1. Get the 52" deck. You will still get an excellent cut from that size deck and you will be able to trim much closer to objects (trees, bushes, fences, etc.) which will cut down the amount of time spent weedwacking/trimming. You also may be very surprised how much that extra 4" cuts down the time it takes to mow your 2 1/2 acres.
    2. For a ZTR I would never want less than 21 HP for a 48" deck and I would prefer the 23 HP Kawi for a 52" deck.
    3. Definitely stick with a twin cylinder engine.
  4. 6'7 330

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    Personally I'd look at the 450 series, with 23 horse 52-inch deck combo, adjustable baffling. But I can see where a homeowner would have serious considerations concerning the price of the mower. If you do go with the estate, I agree with the posters who advise the Kawi, go with the v-twin.
  5. DJL50

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    If money were no object I would get the biggest, baddest unit sold. But reality sets in and truth is I could get by with a rider from Sears. Just like to have a zero turn unit.
    As far power goes. I remember having a conversation with a rep from a mower manufacture. ( I use to be in the mower bizz) They were talking how much power people wants in a mower that was not really needed. You know the old saying "bigger is better" I know people don't believe me but I have an old small rider that only has a 5hp briggs on it. Yes! 5hp. I also have a 38" cut store brand rider with a 12.5 hp briggs. Never crossed my mind as being under powered.
    As far as my dealer saying the 18hp Kohler was under powered on the 48". I am not saying he is right or not but take it with a grain of salt because he was going to have to order that model for me as it was not in stock. Wonder if he would have made the same statement if the 48" was in stock and the 52" had to be ordered? My guess, NO!

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