Toro/Exmark spreader sprayer owners

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Spd319, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Marine03112

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    Well brother use that new machine. Least they gave you a good loaner. I truly wish you the best. I had the same frustration when I bought a new 2014 permagreen Triumph. Always in the shop for this and that. I hope they finally resolve it. Keep us posted. Have a good night.
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  2. That Guy Gary

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    You too.

    I've stated before that I love the machine, and I do. The lack of support is really a turn off though.

    I don't own it but it's my machine. It's been good to me and I always take good care of it. So it's very frustrating when I have to leave it with people who don't know crap about it.

    The loaner actually bumps up a couple pounds when I turn on the wide nozzles. :dizzy::laugh:
  3. ted putnam

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    ....and that's the kind of BS that's going to happen with the Z now that it's in their hands. They'll discombobulate the damned thing to the point that it'll have to be some factory trained tech that works on it(@$75/hr) and it will be outfitted with parts that are one of a kind made exclusively for them. Had the same sh!t with my old PG Ultra. A $10 right angle gear made out of melted down beer cans that they sold for $245. Searched High and Low on the net and even found the company that produced it for them but it could not be purchased by an individual. I wouldn't piss on a PG if it was on fire after the 3-4 years of hell and getting bent over the counter for parts I had to go through with that company.
    Hopefully Stinger or the "LT Rich All Stars" will come up with something to save the day
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  4. ETM

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    They aren’t all stars yet. To be determined...
  5. RigglePLC

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    Right angle gear--from melted down beer cans at $245?
    You are so right about that, Ted. I replaced the same right angle bevel gear on my PG Ultra many years go. I finally found an online source--cost me about $25--and it was not exactly the same.
    Everyone--feel free to shop around for parts.
  6. Atlas Landscapes

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    What is your speed to get the .25gal/1000 at 30PSI? Any tricks for how you maintain that speed?
    I just bought the Exmark and want to dial it in to .25gal/1000 giving 2 acres/tank. I am getting the brown tips tomorrow. Maintaining consistent speed of calibration seems to be a little difficult at first, and full speed is too fast for rough terrain. Thanks in advance!
  7. Marine03112

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    I run at 3 quarter speed. If that makes sense. I run 1.4 oz per thousand of triplet. You will get it running a few times on a large grass field. After 3 attempts you will get your average speed and be good to go.
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  8. Laner

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    Sprayed with my Exmark for the first time yesterday. The output and droplet size is much greater than that of my old PG Magnum. The coverage appears to be good at 3/4 speed with the standard blue tips.
    One thing that I am not crazy about is how the machine wants to wobble at higher speeds on concrete. Just seems to get a rhythm about it just over 3/4 speed. Anyone else see this same thing?
  9. tdoeizreal

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    It's designed to applicate at full speed. 5mph. Sometimes if it's real bumpy I may let off a touch, but never had any issues. I'm doing 1/3 gallon per thousand with the white tips from the factory at 30psi. Excellent coverage!
  10. tdoeizreal

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    Not sure about the wobbling. Is the machine new, or used? All the tires aired up things same, everything greased?

    I love how you can drive this machine one handed all the time with no issues. I've put a couple hundred hours on a Z Spray this season and one handed driving can get you in trouble if not careful. Especially when going backwards.

    Not once has my exmark ever tried to buck me off.

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