Toro/Exmark spreader sprayer owners

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Spd319, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. JunkmanJoe

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    Thanks. really like the machine. I feel like it's a cross between riding a mechanical bull and Ben Hur's chariot. lol
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  2. Marine03112

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    Dude I do 600 lawns a round I know what your talking about lol.
  3. Atlas Landscapes

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    Thanks for the feedback, I have tried a couple of speedometer apps but too inconsistent. I may give yours a shot. I wish they would have put a speedometer on the machine from factory, worth that added cost to ensure proper application and not wasting product. I am planning to have both brown and blue tips, will just depend on chemical I am applying!
  4. Atlas Landscapes

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    I will give that a shot, thanks for the reply!
  5. Marine03112

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    I forget the formula but your supposed to have someone time you going a specific distance then divide the three numbers for a average travel time for a thousand square feet. I think exmark has the video on YouTube for calibration of the sprayer.
  6. Laner

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    Measure the width of spray pattern from your machine. Then 1000 sq ft / your spray width will give you the distance you need to travel to cover 1000 sq ft. Time yourself driving that distance several times to get the average speed. Then determine you pump pressure and set it to that. Collect from each nozzle being used for the width of spray for the amount of time it took to travel the distance you determined to cover 1000 sq ft. That is your output per 1k sq ft. Mix according to labels.
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  7. RigglePLC

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    And 1 mph is 88 feet per minute.
    4 mph is 352 feet per minute.
    Sqft per minute depends on your pass width. The swath.

    With a swath of 8.52 feet you will cover 3000 sqft per minute.

    Measure center to center to compensate for proper overlap.
  8. GL2019

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    I too have just purchased a Toro.
    After talking to a couple of local operators running the Exmark, I went ahead and bought a 2018 Toro at a decent carry over price.
    I think I made a very expensive mistake!
    Both the other guys are running the Blue nozzles at 35 to 40 psi at 5mph and getting 20 gal./ Ac.
    so I ordered blue nozzles and I can only run at 29 psi or about 16 gal. an Ac. At 5 mph (Pressure regulator turned all the way up). My pressure jumps up and down as I turn the pressure regulator counter clockwise.
    Dealer came and picked it up ran all the numbers by Toro and they claim its within Spec.!
    And it gets better....the Exmark customer service rep. Said the pressure regulator was bad!
    But he couldn't tell a Toro dealer to replace it, I had to go thru Toro...WTF
  9. Marine03112

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    Run the browns. Get two acres per fill. If you feel there is something wrong get on the toro dealer get on them. Make them fix it. Would check all diaphragms etc. love my toro.
  10. GL2019

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    Latest from my dealer, they have the green light to replace the pressure regulator!?

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