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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Spd319, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. GL2019

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    I haven't even ran the spreader yet.
    Are you happy with that?
    We have been 100% liquid until now.
    Going to test some Lesco Dimension.10% 13-0-5 30% CRN
    Any calibration tips?
  2. Atlas Landscapes

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    If anyone is interested in a way to maintain a reduced speed. I bought some conduit hangers and they work perfect. I now have a consistent speed that is more manageable around smaller lawns. Going to dial it in for 2 acres with brown nozzles.
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  3. GL2019

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    I just got my Toro back today,
    They replaced everything and we are now getting 36psi with the blue nozzles.
    Going to to some calibration tests as soon as it quits raining.
    The conduit looks like a great idea!
    I was going to use some kind of shim to set a consistent speed.
  4. Atlas Landscapes

    Atlas Landscapes LawnSite Member
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    This has speed at 5mph, spraying at 35psi with brown tips puts out 0.25gal/M.

    Spraying at 40psi with blue tips has output at 0.5gal/M.

    Hope this helps as a quick starting point for anyone else!
  5. GL2019

    GL2019 LawnSite Member
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    Toro claims the unit they sold us is maxed out at 36 psi with the blue nozzles!? I guess we will have to run at a slower speed to get the 20 gallons an acre.
  6. RigglePLC

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    Dry fertilizer calibration suggestions (when you cannot empty and weigh the hopper contents):
    Add 10 pounds to the hopper. Spread until empty. Carefully measure the sqft covered. Calculate the pounds per thousand sqft--adjust up or down. Repeat until you are within 5 percent of the goal rate.
    For instance if the 10 pounds covered 2000 sqft--the rate is 5 pounds per thousand sqft.
    If 10 pounds covered 2.5 Ksqft, the rate is 4 pounds per thousand.
    Weigh with cooking scales; use bathroom scales, if you have nothing better.
    Measure the sqft with a measuring wheel or 100 foot steel tape.
  7. GL2019

    GL2019 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the advice.
    I have my speed set at 4 mph with a throttle stop similar to what Atlas landscapes is using.
    I have my dial set according to spyker settings (4 1/4), My spinner speed at 3 on the Toro, 4 pounds a 1000 product,
    measured out 2000 ft² and put 8 pounds in the Hopper.
    Tested twice, Measured out square feet for the rest of the lawn and used one bag total, spot on!
  8. fobaum

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    I just bought a (few months ago) and Toro spreader sprayer primarily to spray weeds, it came with the white nozzles that were a little too much GPM so I bought the brown nozzles and I'm finding the flood jets are just not good for spraying weeds the droplets are too big and does not give good cover of the leafs, I was hoping I could find an angled fan tip??? it's sad that I have a $300 NorthernTool tow behind sprayer that does a 10 times better job of spraying weeds, I hope this isn't a situation where I have to make a boom, info would be greatly appreciated I know I'm bringing this thread back from the dead LOL
  9. lawndude28

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    I would think the stock is only comparable with flood jets the way its set up, but I have never had problems killing weeds with the white or browns.
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  10. That Guy Gary

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    The droplet size on turbo floodjets is considered ideal for systemics and drift reduction. I've put over 1k hrs on my Exmark and get great results without any significant drift even when wind is approaching 10 mph.
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