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    Maybe you can help me with a problem i have with my Toro since Toro and Exmark are basically the same machine.

    I have the Toro Z- Master, 17hp kawi, 44 " deck

    I have a drum type pull behind core aerator i tow behind my z master but when you push the sticks forward sometimes the machine about cuts off. And it only happens when i pull this aerator.

    Any help with this problem?

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    It is toooo much weight
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    Sorry I overlooked your post. Toro like many other of or competitors use top quality hydro components. Can a person tow with these units? Sure you can.

    Here are a couple general rules of thumb for towing. When you hear the unit whining loudly while towing, you are over working the hydros. That noise is generating heat and pressure, if you continue to do this you are asking for trouble.

    The other big concern with towing is on or near sloops. Going up a hill will greatly increase heat and pressure. Going down you can easily loose control. Depending on how heave the load, you may get in a dangerous position in a hurry. Be-careful!!

    I relate towing like a person pushing a car. Flat ground you can move it around with some effort. The trouble comes in going up or down a hill. Going up hill becomes very tough. Going down the hill you have NO BRAKES.

    Better safe that sorry. The machines are really made mowing grass.

    Thanks, Fred.
  4. NCSULandscaper

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    The pumps dont make much more noise than they usually do while pulling this. This area has little to no hills so most lawns are flat. I guess it might be too much weight to pull with this machine like suggested. Guess i will dedicate my lawn tractor for this. Thanks for all your help.

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