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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by skydog71, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. skydog71

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    I've been researching string trimmers over the past few days, and have narrowed it down to the following:

    Toro 51974 ($180)
    RedMax TR2350S ($250)
    Echo SRM-225 ($220)

    And just so you guys know, this would just be for my new house which is 2.6 acres, ~50 big trees, with a lawn with lots of weeds (previous owner neglected lawn).

    Just looking at these 3 as string trimmers alone, my favorite is the RedMax. The reviews around the web (and here on this site) look stellar, and I love the lightweight feel of the unit. As an added bonus, I've got a dealer less than 2 miles from my house.

    What's holding me up right now is the possibility of attachments on the Toro unit. It will accept the cheaper Ryobi attachments, and you can buy the Toro power head by itself for $100 at Home Depot. I could get a recertified pruning saw for $51, edger for $31, blower for $31, etc (new attachments are slightly more expensive). Adding it all up, I could get a trimmer, brushcutter, edger, pruning saw for $312 + tax.

    In comparison, the attachment capable RedMax power head is $300 with considerably more expensive attachments (ex - $200 pruning saw). I could easily hit $800 with a complement of attachments comparable to the Toro. Attachments and power heads are slightly cheaper with the Echo models, but I'm still looking at a figure upwards of $700.

    So after taking attachments into consideration, the Toro looks like a winner. And as luck would have it, my RedMax dealer is also a Toro dealer! Unfortunately, the dealer had no idea that Toro still made gas trimmers. They don't sell them, and they can't order them. You can only get them at Home Depot. This is a huge red flag to me and make me wonder if the Toro gas trimmer is a rebranded Ryobi or something similar? I've heard a lot of bad things about Ryobi, and I'd really prefer something that is a little more reliable.

    What do you guys think? Do you know anything about the Toro gas trimmers? I need a string trimmer now and the other stuff can wait, but before I buy a RedMax, I'd like to rule out the Toro which may provide me with a great deal of affordable expandability down the road.
  2. cashishift

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    I'd rule out the Toro also, but thats just me.

    Stihl makes a unit similar to Ryobi unit you mentioned that might do everything you want it to do and more.

    I'd suggest looking into Stihl before making a purchase.
  3. newz7151

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    from Tejas
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    Toro does not make a gas string trimmer. Toro gas string trimmers are made by Homelite, Homelite is also the manufacturer of Ryobi gas products now. If you want to still go with the Toro/Homelite/Ryobi, your local Toro dealer should still be able to handle service on it. Toro dealers CAN order and sell the Toro gas handheld products, but the minimal margin, along with the high order requirement to not eat it up in freight is not worth it when you're carrying a real brand like Echo or Stihl (i'd say Redmax, but since that's another HusqvarnaAB products unit, it's not exactly its own brand anymore).
  4. skydog71

    skydog71 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I ended up going with an Echo PAS-225 w/ string and blower attachments. I couldn't go with the Toro since it was basically a Homelite. and while the RedMax trimmer was my favorite, the attachment series didn't have a whole lot of variety. I did give Stihl one last look, but the Echo PAS series seemed to offer more value for the dollar than the Kombi system (I also considered the Stihl gearbox attachments, but the screws looked like a hassle).

    Another development also helped me in the decision making process. My dad gave me his old John Deere 46EV chainsaw last week that has been sitting in storage for 15 years with undrained gas. I figured it was done and didn't even try starting it. Took it to the shop yesterday and it started on the 2nd pull. I was amazed and so was the mechanic. Turns out the saw was a rebadged Echo CS-440EVL.
  5. newz7151

    newz7151 LawnSite Silver Member
    from Tejas
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    Which, if you are going to use it, you better really be careful with, as almost all of the parts for the EVL saws are OBSOLETE and NLA.
  6. Capemay Eagle

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    Wow that is a pretty amazing story! I am really bad about draining gas and winterizing my stuff, but really most of my equipment sits for only about 3 months tops and I try and start everything through out the winter. This new gas however is murder on carbs! I am sure if that was ethanol fuel in that saw, that carb would have been toast! must have had a stabilizer in it along with good fuel!

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