Toro Grandstand Experience ( horrible !)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ars777, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. ars777

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    I purchased a home with several acres that I will not be at full time for a bit. To keep my caretaker from having to transport his riding mower up and down a mountain to get to my property, I decided to invest in a good mower.

    As the property is fairly hilly, I considered one of the Wright standers as well as the Grandstands. After much research and consideration, I purchased a 2010 Granstand 48" 24 HP. The main reason I chose the Toro was due to the reviews I saw regarding the cut / finish and I have also been very satisfied with my Toro walk behind mower and Toro snowblower at my current residence.

    I have only had the Grandstand for a few weeks. My caretaker (who is fully competent and capable of operating the machine) noticed that the mower was spewing hydraulic fluid from a reservoir.

    The dealer asked that we come pick up a replacement cap for the reservoir. My caretaker drove about 50 minutes to the dealer to pick up the new cap and replaced it. It was still having the problem and I got the dealer to agree to pick up the mower to service it.

    Upon bringing the mower back, not only did it still spew hydraulic fluid, but it now also did not have proper pull on the right side when in reverse.

    I was aware of many of the Grandstand problems from other posters' reviews, but had hoped that they would have been ironed out by the 2010 model year. I specifically paid much more for a 2010 model (I could have gotten an excellent deal on a 2009, but did not want to risk having to deal with problems and transporting the mower).

    The dealer refuses to pick up the mower and I have been unable to get anywhere with Toro. The dealer will service the mower, but I have to pay to get it there. Having paid about $8000 for a mower that has never worked properly, I see no reason to invest more in this mower.

    Given Toro's unreasonable stance, I realize I may have to take care of this myself, but if this is a reliability and customer service stand they wish to be known for, hopefully I can at least help prevent someone else from making a similar mistake.

    Don't get me wrong, had the thing been working flawlessly for 6 months and a problem popped up, my attitude would likely be quite a bit different. For this thing to have never worked properly, this is wholly unacceptable.
  2. South Florida Lawns

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    Sounds like there's a hole in the hydro system (probably a line) and air is getting into the system causing the fluid to expand and leak out of the hydro cap. I had this happen to my toro Z master and it was fixed under warranty.
  3. robertsturf

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    Good luck with Toro they monitor this board and will have this taken down shortly as they did my thread!! I too have had issues with my 2 GS's and am getting no where with them or my dealer as of now! In my case I believe it is more a Toro issue than dealer.
  4. kilgoja

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    wow...$8000 and problems from the start?...that's messed up...they should fix it under warranty
  5. mowerknower

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    I am sure they will fix it under warranty but unit transportation is always the responsibility of the owner. Warranty will cover parts and labor, not pick up and delivery.

    ONEBLADE LawnSite Member
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    I am in the market for a stander. I had demo'd the Grandstand and the Wright. After some research on Toro's Customer Service I have decided to go with the Wright. Good luck and I hope they make things right
  7. MrRob

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    exactly what i was thinking.
  8. ars777

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    Yes, I get that warranty does not include "pickup and delivery".

    However, this, to me, isn't a "warranty" issue.

    This is an "I was delivered a mower that does not work" issue.

    Had the thing ever worked properly, I'd be fine accepting the standard terms of the warranty. At this price point you should at least get a mow or two out of it before you are investing time and money on fixes.

    Very, very frustrating to say the least.
  9. PLS-Tx

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    Why would he want to pay the dealer to pick it up if this dealer has already worked on it and did not fix the problem.

    It was still having the problem and I got the dealer to agree to pick up the mower to service it.
    Upon bringing the mower back, not only did it still spew hydraulic fluid, but it now also did not have proper pull on the right side when in reverse.
  10. MrRob

    MrRob LawnSite Member
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    did the dealer not show you how it worked upon delivery? you said that your caretaker has with it for several weeks? Id be upset if it didnt work new, but you said it has been in service for a few weeks.

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