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I’ve got a 2013 Toro Grandstand 52”. Model number 74589. Serial 313001193.
Last week it blew a hydraulic drive motor on the left side, chewed up a bearing and seal and lost all the fluid. I replaced the drive motor and drained out the whole hydro system and replaced the filter. On startup now, that drive motor will not turn. The right side still operates fine in both directions. I followed the procedure from the service manual (jack up the rear, let it run, cycle controls). It still won’t do anything. That motor hasn’t turned a fraction of an inch under its own power. I did put a tire on it and rotated it by hand in both directions for a while. The lines have been cracked and they both have fluid coming out of them. I also opened the bypass on the left hand hydro pump (bolt facing the rear, that has a small hole through the head of it) and that didn’t solve anything either.
I’m fairly mechanically inclined, but this has me absolutely stumped. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for any help.
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