Toro Grandstand or Scag V-Ride

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by makktruck, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. makktruck

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    I've done the research but i want to hear from people who have had experience with both of these machines. If it makes a difference im going with a 52 deck size and have a 36inch Scag Belt drive. I will need to be able to handle hills and mow in wet conditions. Thanks :usflag:
  2. lawnkingforever

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    I own a grandstand and have run one for 2 years as my primary mower. There has been countless threads on how standers handles hills. Many say they will mow hills well. I am not buying in. What constitutes a hill is very subjective. Where I live hills are part of the deal, steep and gradual inclines are existent on most yards. Since I switched to a stander, I find myself using a pushmower more often on steeper terrain where my grandstand would damage the turf or not be able to mow at all. Why I like my grandstand over a wb w/sulky is the fatigue factor and less of a footprint on my trailer and for storage purposes. It also has more ground speed and more agile in tight spaces. If hills and mowing in wet conditions are a major concern though, I would take my ferris wb over my grandstand.
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    Agreed. At the end of the week I am a bit faster with a 60" wb vs a 60" stander. Hills are an issue here as well. Standers are a good bit heavier than wbs and will cause more rutting/ tearing. Think of a stander as a rider you stand on.
  4. Rvldesign

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    i have a 36" vride right now and it is amazing. while the other two post said they couldn't mow hills i was able to drive mine up and down any hill i could find with very little problems. i was also able to go across come but if it was too steep then it could become very difficult to maneuver. i also demoed the 61" vride this summer and it was just as amazing. i am also looking into getting a 52" vride this year and am pretty much sold on it. i have had 0 problems out of my vride with almost 200 hours on it. i would highly recommend the vride but if for some reason you got the 36" you will want to change the tires to the ones like planetscapes talks about in his posts on here. good luck on your new purchase.
  5. Rvldesign

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    also i ran scags mulching blades with just the discharge plate instead of the entire mulch kit. when compared to a buddys mower who had it the clippings were a hair smaller but didn't effect it and was a few hundred dollars cheaper. wet grass never caused us to bog down or anything either with the 36" or 61" vrides.

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