Toro Grandstand or Wright Stander

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by EN4SER, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. EN4SER

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    I'm looking to purchase a stander in a 36" size and I was wanting to get some feedback from some folks that have experienced both of these units. Thanks for any help you can provide me.
  2. LALawnboy

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    Subscribing to this thread......I've been debating between both of those machines as well in a 36" deck.
  3. BKoehler

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    I have a grandstand 52 and love it.
  4. PTP

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    from Tulsa
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    I have had both of those machines. I am currently running a 48" Stander and a 36" Grandstand. I had a 36" Stander a couple of years ago as well.

    I am assuming that you are considering the fixed deck stander. I am not overly impressed with the RapidHite standers and would not consider one. However the last time I was on one was a couple of years ago and they may have improved them since then. The balance seemed off to me and I just didn't like the overall construction.

    The 36" GS is a good machine overall. The cut is very good and you will be hard pressed to make it clump - even in long, wet conditions. The GS definitely outshines the stander in this regard. However, in light to moderate conditions, the Stander does produce a very nice cut.

    The GS is significantly longer than the Stander. You will not be able to maneuver as well in those tight places. It will still get the job done but you can't turn around in a tight spot - you will have to back out.

    The handling of the Stander is better. Because you are positioned between the tires instead of behind them, the overall stability is improved as well. The GS is good on hills. The Stander is great. I have successfully taken my Stander to 45 degrees on several occasions. The GS will simply not do that.

    The overall durability of the Stander is very good - mostly regular wearing parts needing to be replaced. However, their spindles don't last long but they can be replaced with the Scag spindles and that will give an improvement.

    I don't know about the durability of the GS yet. I haven't had it long enough. However, I expect it to have more issues simply because it is a more complex machine. The Stander is very simple and very strong.

    The reasons to choose the Stander over the GS are the following:
    - More simple design
    - Better hill stability
    - More compact design

    The reasons to choose the GS over the Stander are the following:
    - Better deck
    - Easy height adjustability

    By the way, these comments are about the 36" Grandstand only. The 40" is a totally different animal. My understanding is that the deck does not perform nearly as well.
  5. B Gillespie

    B Gillespie LawnSite Member
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    What is the average price difference?
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  6. cgaengineer

    cgaengineer LawnSite Fanatic
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    I personally would choose the Wright and I am a Toro fan...they look to be a machine designed specifically for standing and not a walk behind with a platform on the back...that being said I demoed a GrandStand and it was a nice machine.
  7. olde_blue

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    Anyone have any pictures of the 36" Grandstand? I haven't seen one, and I was wondering if they used a smaller frame (and what size tires, etc.).
  8. lilweeds

    lilweeds LawnSite Senior Member
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    Good review, but the GS will handle those hills depending on you weight and the size of the machine.
  9. tallimeca

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    the grand stand and vantage are not "walk behinds" with a platform on the back so you can fold it down and stand on it.

    These machines were built to be a stand on mower. You have the option to fold up the platform and walk behind it. Anyone who has run and demoed can tell 5 seconds into walking behind it that this is not the way the machine is really designed to be used. You wouldn't want to walk behind this all day. It's made to stand on it.
  10. EN4SER

    EN4SER LawnSite Member
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    I appreciate all the information pertaining to this post. I am still debating between the two, but I have definately started leaning more towards the Wright. No one around me in the Texas area has a GS 36" so it is hard for me to demo one of those. Thanks again for all of the help!!!!

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