Toro Grandstand or Wright ZK

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dutchacres, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. dutchacres

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    I am considering buying a couple standers. I will probably go with one 52" and one 60". My biggest concern is cut quality in all types of grass and in all types of conditions. I try not to mow in the rain but you know how it is sometimes so I need the mowers to perform to the highest standards no matter what. My Kubota is a good machine overall but the grass has to be perfect conditions or it leaves clumps everywhere not acceptable to me what so ever. Cut quality is the top requirement of a machine followed by reliabilty as neither dealer is close, maintenance and servicability and finally comfort. I have ran both these machines before but it has been a while. I am going to contact dealers tomorrow and try to set up demos for at least a couple days. I have heard a lot of good about the Toro and by the looks of the deck design looks like it would perform the best in wet conditions. I do not know really anything about Wright other than when I did run there standers before it handled great and was fast. I do mow some larger properties and the speed would be nice for those but it is not a deal breaker as I mow more medium sized properties where speed isnt a concern.
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    Not a fan of Wrights. I demoed one for 20 hours. I'll keep my Exmark, which is the same as the Toro. My Vantage has 610 trouble free (other than operator error) hours. Still seems very solid, and I would definitely buy another some day.
  3. I own a Wright and love it. 400 trouble free hours, leaves a great cut, and handles great.
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    I have a 52" Grandstand. Only complaint about wet grass is the deck gets absolutley packed. I have to manually clean it 5 or 6 times a day. Compared to my 60" kubota 327 which stays very clean, even in wet conditions.
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    While I hope to learn something I do not expect too much :D
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    Yep, the absolute truth. I have never had a mower that the deck needed cleaned so much. I keep a scraper and mechanic gloves in the utility bag attached to ocdc lever. Luckily I have a few accounts where I can scrape the deck and blow the grass into the wooded part of the property.
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    I do not know what type of grass your cutting, but I have never owned a mower of any brand that did not get clogged up trying to mow wet Bermuda and weeds. In the summer and fall my Wright 36 with mulch kit or plate has tons of blowout.
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    Forgot to say
    Those new Gravely ones look very nice
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  9. I only get a little bit of blowout on st aug running plate and gators in summer. Wright sent me an anti blowout piece that works with the can see if they can send you one as well. I run the kit starting octoberish with no problems until April-may, when I put the plate back on...
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  10. FYI, I haven't installed that piece yet so the little blowout is from the current setup.
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