Toro Grandstand or Wright ZK

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dutchacres, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. RedSox4Life

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    Thats strange. Ive always been impressed with the kubotas ability to process and disperse clippings. I use the normal factory blades.
  2. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    My scag rep told me the new ones can be used as a walkbehind as well
  3. dutchacres

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    Yes the V Ride can be used as a walkbehind just like the Grandstand but my dealer told me that the Toro is just a little better in that position than the Scag. I am going to take my Kubota in and have them check the deck because I do have a slight vibration. I leveled it last week and that helped a bunch but I am still not totally happy with it.
  4. jimjoy12

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    I would say go with the wright but look at the x not the zk the new decks are really good I have a zk and I have a couples of xs the xs cut way better in wet or really dry. The speed of the zk is travail speed not great for cutting. You wind up cutting at the same speed as the x. I wish they would put the new deck on the zk.

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