Toro grandstand / Turbo Force Deck Not cutting bermuda as well anymore!!!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by BCR840, Aug 14, 2012.

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    I have a Grandstand 48"/24hp with the mulch kit and mainly use it on bermuda lawns her in GA. I didnt notice any problems last year, but this year (late in season) it started cutting poorly. My description of poorly is it looks like I t not a flat cut all the way acroos the cutting path. Almost like it has two groves. Sorta like the drawing. I

    Tire Tire

    Now I keep blades sharp, but now have purchased a new set of blades (high lift) 107-3192-03. We have been getting a lot rain down here and the grass is growing like crazy. I have had to raise my deck to 3"-3.5" on some yards. But even at 2.5" - 2.75" it will still do it.
    *I checked tire pressure and matched.
    *replaced deck belt (440 hrs) on old one
    *leveled deck... 1/4 pitch to front. side to side is 1/8 to 1/4 off, but manual says that is with the limits.
    *slowed cutting

    Did I get a bad set of blades? I check them to be level with the magnamatic balancer?

    Is is beacause I'm having to cut the bermuda so high that it does not respond well?

    Should I try a different type blade? using high sail now.
  2. BCR840

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    Not sure why my "tire" label ended up under the same tire. But you get the idea.
  3. BCR840

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    Trying to revisit this issue......
  4. whiffyspark

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    Have you cleaned the deck
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    Blade spindles in good shape? Any blade wobble can result in what you describe.
  6. BCR840

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  7. BCR840

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    The deck is very clean... As far as spindles, I don't here any bad bearings but not sure how to check them to see if they are bent. I have been cutting dormant Bermuda lately and the cut looks like its digging in one one side. I also replaced drive tires recently since they were worn. Maybe I need to get a new set of blades and check measurements again. Any thoughts?
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    Stand it up on the platform.(Following instructions in manual). You'll get a getter look at things. Make sure all three blds are even. Then, drop it down and remove some pitch out of the front. Try about a 1/8". Get the side to side EQUAL. Use tire pressure for that. See how it cuts. If it improves, then adjust the side to side as suggested in manual. Make sure the deck lift pivot bolts, (behind the platforn and knee rest) are tight.
  9. grassman177

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    Def get the side to side even, sounds like the issue
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    I agree !!

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